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DEC 2012

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SECURITY MASTER PLANNING should evaluate existing technology, equipment, and facilities and strengths and weaknesses in terms of security policies. Evaluating Staffing Most campuses today employ a twosided approach to security personnel. The public safety department employs and manages security officers, and the campus police department employs and manages sworn police officers. The security side works to prevent crime and other problems, while the police respond to emergencies and investigate crime. Is the staffing of campus security and police sufficient to current needs? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the security and campus police staffing? Making the Plan Planning looks ahead to the future. Heath recommends a plan that looks ahead five years. Throughout that period, what does the campus master plan call for? How will the campus community grow in terms of students, faculty, and staff? What new buildings and major building renovations will that require? More people and buildings to protect will require more technology and equipment, as well as more police and security officers. How much will these additions cost? When will the security organization need to begin growing to be ready for the new facilities and people? At the same time, you will need to solve existing problems. This task might involve integrating existing security technologies, which may require upgrades and, in some cases, replacement systems, as well as programming expertise. The speed necessary for making such upgrades, which will have budget implications, will depend on your analysis of how far out of kilter with your policies those systems are. As you can see, looking ahead and making plans becomes a budgeting tool. Once you know what you need and approximately when you'll need it, you can ask vendors for estimates to procure, install, and most important, service and maintain new technology and equipment. "If you buy an access control system for $100,000, you must also add a percentage of that cost to your annual maintenance budget — not right away, but in time to accommodate the end of the warranty period," says Layne. Finally, keep in mind that a security master plan is never finished. If you want your plan to look ahead by five years, you will have to modify it regularly. Depending on how your campus is changing, it might be necessary to update the plan every quarter. You should probably do it at least once a year. CPM Collaboration takes many forms SMARTdesks has invented many forms of desks and tables, in collaboration with world-class univiersities, to make distinctively different collaborative learning environments. You're next! Collaborate with us in our Design Cloud. The process is offered without cost or obligation. © 2012 CBT Supply, Inc. dba SMARTdesks® All rights reserved. SMARTdesks® is a registered trademark of CBT Supply, Inc. 36 COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / DECEMBER 2012 800 770 7042 WWW.PLANNING 4EDUCATION.COM

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