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DEC 2012

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"In many cases, no one coordinated these efforts," says Layne. "Master planning can add coordination." The planning team should consider existing technology. Where is it located on campus? What does the security assessment say about threats and vulnerabilities in those areas? Is the technology sufficient to the need and to your policies? The team should also explore methods and costs for integrating diverse alarm, access control, and video technologies, continues Layne. Integration may require upgrading or replacing systems. Who is monitoring the various systems? Sometimes the integration fi rm that installed the technology also monitors for alarms. Sometimes it is done in-house. One central location — the campus security center or an outside monitoring company — should monitor everything. Successful integration will make that possible. A security integrator can provide advice about these issues. Ask the IT director to profi le the campus network and the connections between buildings. Is it a fiber optic network? If not, are there plans to install fiber optic cabling? Connection issues will affect the design of the security technology systems, particularly the security video system, which can monopolize network cabling. The IT director will object to that. What technology do you need that you don't have? In the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre and resulting lawsuits related to the delay in notifying the campus about possible danger, many schools are installing mass notification systems or subscribing to mass notification services. Emergency call stations placed strategi- cally around the campus can provide a way for people to call for help in emergencies or to report suspicious behavior Do campus buildings use automated access control systems or alarms that go off when a locked door or window is breached? "Access control systems can go beyond alarms and lock and unlock doors from a central location," says Layne. "Access control systems can deactivate lost cards and activate new cards in a few seconds." Still more considerations include evaluating equipment, such as patrolling SUVs, police cars, and bicycles, and facilities, such as the police station and central security center. What are the strengths and weaknesses? When will the vehicles in the fleet have to be replaced? When will the security center need to be painted? In short, the master planning team SOUTHERN BLEACHER Your Sport is Our Way of Life. stadiums grandstands bleachers NEUMANN UNIVERSITY Aston, Pennsylvania 295 seat mitered grandstand. Tongue & Groove decking system. Team blue chair first row and risers. 8' x 24' sloped front pressbox. Home of Knights baseball. Legendary industry innovations since 1946 Q 800.433.0912 fabric structures ing or growing, Whether playing, train vered. ClearSpan keeps you co Sustainable Design-Build Solutions Low in cost per square foot. Natural daytime lighting. Easy to relocate. Expandable. Call one of our ClearSpan specialists today at 1.866.643.1010 or visit DECEMBER 2012 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 35

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