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DEC 2012

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Petersen Mfg. Co., Inc. Concrete & Steel Furnishings products," says Mark Graham of the National Roof Contractors Association (NRCA). "The only thing that is changing is the amount of insulation we use." Graham reports that in the last seven or so years the energy codes and standards have grown more stringent. Matter, "but it's not true. Generally speaking they cut down on air conditioning costs, but in the colder months you spend more on heating. Roof color should always be secondary to insulation. Insulation is the great equalizer." Take a Look How Green Is My Roof? at Energy Efficiency Vegetated, or living (green) roofs, "If we compare energy codes through comprise another fairly new roofi ng time, we fi nd that the 2006 standard asked option. "EFP remains a great option for for a 30 percent increase in efficiency over vegetated roofs," says Matter. "It can be the 2000 standard, and the 2012 standard formed into different shapes to look like asks for a 30 percent increase over that," rolling hills, valleys, cubes, columns, or explains Graham. "This doesn't mean that whatever the architect imagines. Then we're asking for 60 percent more insulaan engineered growth media holds the tion, but we do need plants. It lasts a 60 percent inlonger than topsoil, White roofs were crease in energy efdoesn't pack down, considered a panacea ficiency in less than for energy efficiency for and is lightweight the life span of a and porous." a while, but it's not true. roof. If the products Unfortunately, Generally speaking they vegetated roofs remain the same, cut down on air that means that we do nothing for Rconditioning costs, just use more of values. "Its greatest them to bump up but in the colder months benefit is stormwathe value." ter management," you spend more on If you think explains Matter. "If heating. Roof color that getting a LEED it's thick enough should always be certification will it can work as a secondary to insulation. sound barrier, but help with your roof's Insulation is the great energy efficiency, it doesn't add to Graham cautions energy efficiency. equalizer. you to think again. It is aesthetically "You can get enough points to have a LEED pleasing, though." Silver rating and still not have a building "Vegetated roofs help with the urban that meets energy codes," he says. "And heat island concept," continues Graham. mind you, the codes are just the bare "Here in Chicago, we have the most square minimum." footage of vegetated roofs in the U.S. But Reflective, or white, roofs are another that shouldn't count towards any insulafactor that has changed with the times. tion benefits." "There used to be a credit for reflective Graham is hoping that a change will roofs in the code, meaning that if you happen in roofi ng insulation in the 2015 used a reflective roof you could add less codes. "Right now all roofi ng products insulation," says Graham. "That has been are rated at 75° Fahrenheit," he says. "But eliminated. Now you have to have the same some products have a lower or higher Ramount of insulation no matter what color value at different temperatures. Hopefully the roof." in the next few years the codes will rec"White roofs were considered a panacea ognize that and not penalize the products that work better in the cold weather." CPM for energy efficiency for a while," agrees Planters Bollards Tables Benches Ash Urns Drinking Ftns. Waste Recepts. 2471 Hwy 30, Denison, IA 51442 800-832-7383 DECEMBER 2012 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 31

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