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DEC 2012

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transforms this eyesore into a campus attraction. designLAB replaced a few parking spaces with a "pocket park" that creates a pleasant space to gather outside. Once a swath of concrete, this space became the University's first and only campus green. A new handicap-accessible ramp outlines the edge of the park, elegantly negotiating the change in grade. Both the indoor café and the park are found spaces not included in the original program, which were realized within the original budget. Co-locate Programs to Their Mutual Advantage In the current economy, it is challenging to marshal resources and buy-in for significant capital improvement projects that benefit a select few within an institution. Richard French, professor of astrophysics and astronomy, director of Whitin Observatory, and dean of Academic Affairs, understood from the beginning the need to promote the observatory as an underutilized science facility and a I'VE GOT THE MUSIC IN ME. Boston's Berklee College of Music, spread across 21 buildings in the city, acquired a former community health organization building adjacent to the college's main artery with the intention of co-locating three departments of their Professional Education Division: music therapy, music business/management, and liberal arts. Simply relocating the building's entrance was one aspect of the process of creating a branded Berklee building on a tight budget and an abbreviated construction schedule. campus-wide asset in order to secure funds to preserve and improve the building. "Adapting the observatory to include flexible laboratory spaces and additional DECEMBER 2012 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 21

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