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OCT 2012

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Facility Focus TRANSPORTATION & PARKING University Of Louisville Health Science Campus II T HE HEALTH SCIENCES Campus at the University of Louisville is in the midst of an ambitious expansion program. A key com- ponent of this expansion was the creation of a nine-story parking structure providing 1,707 parking spaces for visitors, students, faculty, and staff. Because the structure serves so many vehicles on a small footprint, a cascading ramp system from the ground fl oor to the third level was developed to maximize fl ow capacity and minimize wait times in and out of the structure. Maintaining the second fl oor for reserved parking further reduces congestion. Additionally, an automated signage system directs parkers straight to open spaces, and state-of-the-art vehicle identifi cation technology permits parkers to enter and exit swiftly and reduces wait times. These features combine to provide a safer, more convenient parking experience. As with any downtown garage, security is of paramount concern. In addition to students attending classes in nearby build- ings, the structure also serves students and faculty who are working in nearby hospitals and who are often in the structure late at night. By segregating the ground fl oor from the rest of the building, designers were able to restrict unauthorized individuals from accessing parking fl oors above. 74 COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / OCTOBER 2012 The garage also features an attractive fa├žade that makes it stand out as a campus landmark. JRA Architects of Louisville and Ratio Architects of Indianapolis created a brick, glass, and steel design that permits the garage to fi t seamlessly into its sur- roundings. "This parking facility presents a ter- rifi c marriage of form and function," says Todd Lohman, managing principle with Walker Parking Consultants, which pro- vided functional and engineering design. "The structure offers safe and convenient parking for over 1,700 vehicles and, at the same time, beautifully complements neighboring buildings." WWW.PLANNING4EDUCATION.COM PHOTOS COURTESY OF JRA ARCHITECTS

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