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OCT 2012

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F&E 2 012 Furniture & Equipment and landfi ll space they save. Now I love the technology and how green they are." "I like paper towels better," counters Kish. "They are faster and the dryers just blow bacteria all over your hands." Maria Weitzel, sophomore, Oregon State agrees, "Paper towels are just faster," she says. "Al- though I admit that hand dryers are better for the environment." To combat the rumors about the hygiene of hand dryers, companies infuse internal components with antimicrobial agents and install triple HEPA fi lters. "I don't know that we need the fi lter, but the public wants it so we include it," says Boatwalla. "The real danger is a heap of moist paper towels. Bacteria will really breed there." Or we could move to the Japanese model. In Japan they don't have custodial staff . Every Friday work stops early and students do the cleaning. T at would be the most home-like option of all. Automating Other Functions Electronic and other high-tech options in the bathroom abound, each with their gallery of fans and detractors. "We are considering electronic toilets that fl ush automatically," says Steger. "Of course there are maintenance issues with them. You have to change the batteries, and there are extra internal components, but those are minor in the grand scheme." "Schools like the cleanliness that automatic toilets bring," says Kristin Mey- ers, marketing and product management, KEEP IT CLEAN. Everyone agrees that cleanliness is everything in a restroom, whether it's in an academic building, residence hall, stadium, library, or anywhere else on campus. Beyond a clean space, users have different opinions on what defi nes their "best bathroom," with some preferring, for example, hand dryers while others like paper towels. There can be suspicion of toilets that fl ush automatically, and touchless faucets can be mercu- rial. Keeping these spaces clean, however, will always earn a thumbs-up from users. 54 COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / OCTOBER 2012 WWW.PLANNING4EDUCATION.COM PHOTO COURTESY OF TREANOR ARCHITECTS, P.A. PHOTO COURTESY OF MOEN COMMERCIAL

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