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OCT 2012

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Safety & Security PREPARE AND BE AWARE Let's Work Together Campus building, life, and fi re safety is improved when the design team and fi re and building code offi cials work together. BY MIKE HALLIGAN A LL COLLEGE AND university campuses must work with a building offi cial and a fi re marshal to construct and operate cam- pus facilities. In some locations, schools have their own fi re and building offi cials delegated to them from a state agency, while other schools may need to work with state and local offi cials. In all cases, both positions have responsibilities for review- ing construction plans for compliance with regulatory codes and standards. Several portions of building and fi re codes also have overlapping responsibilities — egress chapters as well as sprinkler and alarm systems, for example. In addition, the fi re marshal reviews occupied buildings to ensure occupant safety is maintained throughout the life of the building. There are also times when a building offi cial and 30 COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / OCTOBER 2012 fi re marshal will need to work together on a campus with a large number of older build- ings in order to reclassify structures based on how they have evolved and been reused for different purposes through time. Various Views of Code Compliance Existing buildings often pose many code compliance challenges. Older WWW.PLANNING4EDUCATION.COM ISTOCKPHOTO / JOSHUA HODGE PHOTOGRAPHY

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