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Campus Security Watch AN EYE ON WHAT'S HAPPENING Southeast Missouri State Launches Bike Patrols THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY (DPS) AT SOUTHEAST MISSOURI State University in Cape Girardeau launched a campus bike patrol last month. Five uniformed offi cers hit the streets on bikes in another effort to boost campus safety and security, says Doug Richards, director of the Department of Public Safety. "Its time has come," Richards says. "It will complement our present patrol duties and assist us in crime prevention." Five offi cers currently on the Southeast force will participate in the new patrol, but they will now don bicycle helmets and polo shirts with the identifi able "POLICE" on the back of them. Richards says that while DPS will continue to patrol with motor vehicles, the bike patrol offers several safety advantages. A bicycle patrol allows DPS to boost its community policing efforts and makes it pos- sible for offi cers to interface more easily with and make themselves accessible to students, faculty, staff, and visitors, he says. In addition, offi cers on bikes can more easily maneuver in and out of crowds and around buildings, and can get closer to intended locations. A bicycle patrol also will help save on fuel costs and repairs on patrol cars, and adding bikes are also friendlier on the environment, according to Richards. The fi ve offi cers on bikes will patrol the campus during days and evenings, primarily in the spring, summer, and fall. in order to bring attention to the problem and to prevent hazing. Activities range from brown-bag lunch discussions among faculty to movie or book discussions with students. There have been training ses- sions for organizational leaders and team leaders, as well as signing of anti-hazing pledges. Some campuses host individual events and others plan an entire week of activities and programs. For more information, planning informa- tion and resources, optional webinars, and more, log on to Stewards Patrol Gorges on Cornell's Campus Two gorges, Fall Creek Gorge and Student Kidnapping Scam at The University of Texas at Austin In mid-July The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) Police Department, along with agents from the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force, were investigat- ing anonymous hoax phone calls being made to parents and grandparents of students, claiming their children have been kidnapped, injured, or needed medical attention. According to Capt. Julie Gillespie, since late May parents and grandparents of four UT Austin students had received calls from a person with an accent who demanded a small amount of money be transferred into a foreign bank account. "It's a scam," says Gillespie. "No stu- dents have been kidnapped or hurt." Investigators are trying to determine how these individuals are getting relatives' telephone numbers. Cascadilla Gorge, bound Cornell Univer- sity's Ithaca, NY-based Central Campus and become popular swimming holes during the warmer months (although the University discourages their use). To help visitors enjoy the gorges while staying safe on campus, the University deployed a team of gorge stewards, starting in early July. Working under the direction of Cornell Outdoor Education, the stewards will walk the trails during warm weather and advise visi- tors about trails, natural history, safety rules, and perhaps most important, swimming alternatives. The stewards are the newest ad- dition to Cornell's gorge safety program. "Gorge stewards will be like gorge National Hazing Prevention Week The organization HazingPrevention.Org (HPO) has announced that National Hazing Prevention Week will take place September 24-28. National Hazing Prevention Week is an opportunity for campuses, schools, com- munities, organizations, and individuals to promote the prevention of hazing. Utilizing a national awareness week is a great way to bring attention to the problem of hazing. In past years, campuses and or- ganizations have hosted a variety of events during National Hazing Prevention Week rangers," says Todd Miner, the Lindseth executive director of Cornell Outdoor Edu- cation, "but with no badge, no uniform, and no enforcement authority." (They will, however, have identifying T-shirts.) In addition, a Gorge Safety Committee — initiated by Cornell University President David Skorton in August 2011 — is imple- menting additional plans in four areas: infrastructure, education, alternatives, and enforcement. The University has committed $2.7M for trail repairs, railings, gates, warn- ing signs, and educational outreach, and plans to add a provision to the Campus Code to permit the University to address violations of gorge safety measures. CPM AUGUST 2012 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 9

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