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CaseHistories REAL-WORLD SOLUTIONS University Replaces Dormitory Restroom Fixtures W ITH CONSTANT USE, extremely high traffi c, and various visitors each day, the fi xtures in college dormitory restrooms need to be durable and stylish… provid- ing an atmosphere that feels like home, but performs like a public space. When its exist- ing bathroom products couldn't meet these requirements, the University of Connecticut turned to Moen Commercial to properly outfi t its facilities to meet their needs. "The faucets and showerheads previ- ously installed just couldn't stand up to the level of use our dormitory bathrooms experience on a daily basis," says Linda Sumner, QCW carpenter at University of Connecticut. "Not only would they break and malfunction; when we had to make service calls, the parts were often unavailable. "To keep this from negatively affecting our students, we knew we needed to make a switch. So we looked to the Moen Commercial products, and the quality we've received from Moen is just so much better. " Before switching to the M•Dura line of commercial bathroom faucets, Sumner says the handles of the previous products kept breaking off, leaving the faucets inoperable. Now, the products can withstand the rigors of dorm usage, both at the sink and in the shower. "In addition to the bathroom faucets, we also installed new Moen products in the shower, which provide valuable water savings. Being in the dorms, products get a lot of abuse, and not only are they sturdier, they look nicer, too." Moen Commercial Eco-Performance showerheads fl ow at 1.5 gal. per minute (gpm), compared to the current standard Before switching to the M•Dura line of commercial bath- room faucets, the handles of the previous products in the University of Connecticut's dorm restrooms kept breaking off, leaving the faucets inoperable. Now, the products can withstand the rigors of dorm usage, both at the sink and in the shower. of 2.5 gpm. Not only is this savings signifi - cant in reducing water consumption, but it also lowers a building's overall energy costs, as less hot water is used. These showerheads feature a solid brass shell and a durable Chrome fi nish, allowing them to stand up to students and rigorous cleaning. USF Makes Door Access and Spending Easier T HE SUCCESSFUL FIRST-PHASE rollout of near fi eld communica- tion (NFC)-enabled campus card credentials at the University of San Fran- cisco (USF) for door access and spending at laundry terminals was recently completed with high acceptance, and further expan- sion is planned. The USF solution is com- prised of the CS Gold campus card system from The CBORD Group, Inc. and Ingersoll Rand's aptiQmobile web-based credential services and multi-technology readers. In the residence hall included in the pilot, USF uses NFC for door access and laundry payments. Instead of presenting their USF One Cards, participating stu- dents use the aptiQmobile application on their personal iPhones to enter the building and pay for laundry using their existing credentials. The NFC credential seamlessly integrates with USF's CS Gold campus card system from CBORD. "We want our use of Near Field Com- munications to enhance the USF One Card experience on many levels, which is why we introduced it for both door access and laundry payment," says Jason Rossi, director of One Card and Campus Security Systems, University of San Francisco. "Our students have embraced it, telling us they prefer the convenience of their iPhones to digging for their One Cards. This con- venience is important to us, but equally important is the security of using their existing contactless credentials, keeping our transactions secure. The combination makes for a fi rst-rate experience for our students and our staff." 56 COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / AUGUST 2012 CS Gold, the one-card system in use at USF, fully supports NFC credentials and seamlessly integrates with the aptiQmobile web service, so the credential download process is easy. Students download the ap- tiQmobile application from the iPhone App Store to install USF One Card credentials to their phones. To use the credentials, they simply open the app and present the phone to the reader. Access and spending are quick, easy, and secure. "An added benefi t of the aptiQmobile NFC solution is that USF did not need to change out readers," adds Raj Venkat, business leader for readers and creden- tials at Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies. Look for more Case Histories online at WWW.PLANNING4EDUCATION.COM

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