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AUG 2012

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>> Maintenance, Repair & Custodial Care ice in the most effi cient and clean method possible in order to perform and meet your defi ned goals. Matching equipment to the workload is critical. First and foremost, you always need to be prepared for equipment failure; there is nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of a large storm and losing one or more of the tools you need to get the job done. The students at the university won't stop going to class (at least not for snow), the hospital won't close down, and the offi ce staff won't be okay with starting work late because they can't get in the parking lot. Generally, the equipment used for snow and ice removal includes: • Pickup trucks • Skid steers/compact equipment • ATVs • Front-end loaders/large equipment The snow plow manufacturing industry has made signifi cant advances in con- struction and design of plows, and now in general the following plows, along with proper techniques, can help you make your operation more effi cient. When you have a straight plow, angle the blade away from the building as you make your fi rst pass. Subsequent passes should be made away from the building and toward the outer perimeter. The gener- al rule is to never angle your blade towards a building. The goal is to get the snow as far away from the buildings as possible. When using the transforming V-blade, use a V-position to make an initial breakthrough; the V-position is also effective for hard- packed snow, ice, and deep drifts. For general wide-path plowing or stacking, set the blade in the straight position or angled position. Finally, use the scoop position for clean up and carrying snow with minimum spillage. When using a snow pusher, be sure it's HD Supply can help you go green and stay in compliance. We can help you meet the government's goal of reducing its environmental impact. We have a growing selection of more than 1,600 environmentally preferable products that will save you money, reduce energy consumption, and help you meet your sustainability goals. Delivered by professionals. For professionals.FREE. Subscribe to our sustainability blog,, for green business ideas. een business ideas. | 1-858-831-2299 © 2012 HDS IP Holding, LLC. All Rights Reserved. ADV-12-6598 Scraping off the Icing Historically, snow and ice removal has been achieved with over-use of chemicals 38 COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / AUGUST 2012 WWW.PLANNING4EDUCATION.COM attached according to the manufacturer's specifi cations. These specs are designed to provide the best performance, wear tolerance, and safety. A snow pusher on a loader, backhoe, skid-steer, or compact utility tractor can quickly and effi ciently move large volumes of snow. Snow pushers contain snow and don't create as much of a windrow, which eliminates the need for repeated plowing of the same area to clean up spillage. By utilizing the loader's lifting capabilities, snow pushers can be used to stack huge piles of snow. And, by removing the snow pusher attachment, you're left with a loader capable of loading trucks in case the snow must be hauled away.

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