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Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro. Cobb points out that the system does its thing, "while still presenting a design consistent with the rest of the campus signage." Granted, signage has just a small impact on the LEED certifi cation process, Cobb acknowledges, yet related inquiries are "still coming in, and more and more sign manufacturers are having to ensure they are offering the greenest solutions possible." Accordingly, a kiosk in an interior system for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga consists of a 50-percent recycled content aluminum frame, Cobb notes, while a system for the Georgia Institute of Technology had the same kind of frame along with "a recyclable, laser-printed paper insert that can be updated by onsite staff and a tactile graphics header insert with 40 percent recycled content." Vanderklipp points out technological changes in terms of "interactive signage systems tied to mobile applications has been exploding over the years." So campuses should focus "on mobile technologies that tech-savvy students and others will be using. Most students, faculty, and parents have made the investment in technology already — take advantage of that!" Vanderklipp says to "also focus on existing social media and microblogging opportunities to reach these audiences with current information. Make sure that this content is regularly refreshed and managed daily by internal departments, such as College Relations or Marketing." Know — and Show — Who You Are Whatever the technology, marketing is part of the equation. As Sutton adds, "Campus signage…creates a visual identity estab- lishing and reinforcing the institution's 'brand' making it highly recognized, especially in multi-campus environments." Thus, clear, informative, and well-designed campus signage systems communicate to visitors, including tech-savvy students and prospective students, to that the campus. Vanderklipp puts it this way, "As a parent of a 2012 college freshman, I've seen this fi rsthand as we've toured about a dozen college campuses in the past year. We can certainly see that some do it well, and others not so much. It played an important role in his college choice." CPM Scott Berman is a freelance writer with experience in educational topics. AUGUST 2012 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 29

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