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AUG 2012

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MUST HAVE COLLEGE DEGREE says Secretary Duncan in his testimony. The administration also requested $10B to expand and reform Perkins Loans, FSEOG grants, and Federal Work-Study programs. The funds would aim to assist colleges in efforts to enroll and graduate students from low-income families and hold down costs. Most of the money would go into the Perkins program. Part of this request also sought a $150M increase in Work-Study funds. "These initiatives would help protect the signifi cant taxpayer investment in Fed- eral postsecondary student aid programs by creating incentives for states and public and private postsecondary institutions to provide good value to students at an afford- able price," Duncan testifi es. Other requests aim to maintain the federal investment in student loans and grants as well as programs that prepare high school students for college, put community college students to work, and support schools that enroll minority and disadvantaged students. Mitt Romney, the Republican presiden- tial candidate, has issued a white paper on education policy that attacks the Obama administration because "a fl ood of federal dollars is driving up costs and burden- ing too many young Americans with too much debt and too few opportunities … . A Romney Administration will tackle this challenge by making clear that the Federal government will no longer write a blank check to universities to reward their tuition increases and by supporting institutions that are pursing innovative operating models to drive down costs." Romney would also modify the Pell An important exam is going on right now. This lecture hall is being examined for an odorless, tasteless, and invisible killer: carbon monoxide (CO) gas. In fact, using CO detection is the only way to know if toxic levels of CO are present. To provide your students, staff, and guests with the highest levels of protection available, the award-winning CO1224T and the new CO1224TR (round) carbon monoxide detectors provide RealTest® — the fi rst and only functional CO test that enables you to quickly verify that the CO detectors you install are actually sensing deadly CO gas. For more information, visit Grant program to focus dollars on "the students that need them most." While the Romney paper does not men- tion cuts to Pell Grants, Republican Rep- resentative Paul Ryan, who has released a 2013 budget popular among Republicans, wants to cut them. Calling Ryan's proposals devastating for higher education, Duncan's Congressional testimony says that Ryan wants to cut "al- most $3B from Pell aid to students in 2013, eliminating almost 400,000 recipients, and reducing the awards of 9.3M others. It would also hurt borrowers and students at a time when average student loan debt for a gradu- ating senior is already more than $25,000." Duncan concludes his testimony with a warning to the Republican dominated House Committee: "In short, passage of the Ryan budget would propel the educational success of this country backwards for years to come, and that is a risk we cannot afford to take." And it would probably make it impos- sible to satisfy the higher education needs of the 2020 job market. CPM 18 COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / AUGUST 2012 WWW.PLANNING4EDUCATION.COM

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