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JUN 2012

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Hiig ghh Schools 2012 GRAND PRIZE OUTSTANDING DESIGN + ARCHITECTURE IN EDUCATION 12 Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Collegiate Academy DALLAS INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT, DALLAS, TEXAS K ATHLYN JOY GILLIAM COLLEGIATE ACADEMY IS A RESULT of the community's desire for a program that would help close the achieve- ment gap and improve college success across the community. The architec- ture emulates the collegiate experience to introduce students to the culture and rigors of higher education. This early college high school is specifically tailored to prepare primarily first- generation college students for academic success in college and beyond. The commons acts as a plaza between collegiate buildings, containing a variety of spaces that support individual and collaborative learning. s4HEUNDULATINGMETALCEILINGSTRATEGICALLYDEmECTSSOUND WHILERUBBERmOORINGBELOW masks incidental noises; the visual continuity of these two planes unifies the spaces between them. s!LIMITEDNUMBEROFSTRATEGICALLYSELECTEDFURNITURETYPESCREATEAHARMONIOUSAES- thetic throughout a space containing multiple functions. s4RANSPARENCYBETWEENCLASSROOMSANDTHECOMMONSALLOWSPASSIVESUPERVISIONBY teachers and staff. s"AMBOOSTEPSTRANSITIONDESCENDINGmOORLEVELSANDACTASGATHERINGPLATFORMSFOR student collaboration. s7RITABLESURFACESONWALLSTHROUGHOUTTHEBUILDINGENCOURAGESPONTANEOUSSTUDENT collaboration and creativity. s"RIGHTCOLORHIGHLIGHTSELEMENTSWHICHHOUSESTAFFANDSUPPORTSPACESTODRAWSTUDENTS to these areas and encourage student/teacher interaction. EDS E14 EDUCATION DESIGN SHOWCASE PROJECT INFO CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR COMPLETION DATE GROSS AREA (SQ. FT.) PER PUPIL (SQ. FT.) CAPACITY (STUDENTS) CURRENT ENROLLMENT SITE SIZE (ACRES) COST PER STUDENT COST PER SQ. FT. TOTAL COST George Overby !UG ARCHITECT SHW Group LLP VANDANA NAYAK 214/473-2612 WWW.EDUCATIONDESIGNSHOWCASE.COM

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