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JUN 2012

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OUTS T A N D I N G A RCH I T E C T U R E + D E S IG N IN E DUC A T I ON COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY GRAND PRIZE OUTS TANDING DES IGN + AR C H ITE C TU R E IN E D UC A T ION PROJECT College of Education and Human Services CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY, MOUNT PLEASANT, MICH. ARCHITECT SHW Group LLP THOUGHTFUL & PLEASING. Great use and combination of materials both inside and out. I commend the designers for their interpretation of the program with features such as the use of slate and the teaching walls. This project [is noteworthy for] its thoughtful and pleasing execution of the building exterior architecture and interior spaces. — Jeff Sronkoski GREAT COMPOSITION. The terracotta and slate are harmonious in color and texture; the glazing sets off each volume. I love the way the exterior mate- rial moves into the space. I see great composition of forms and proportions. Each room appears to be thoughtfully designed; the children's classrooms would make any parent glad to leave their children here for the day. — Mary Beth McGrew A TIMELESS QUALITY. This project has a fi ne use of material and quality of execution. The building is unabashedly a modern design, yet uses natural materials throughout in a timeless manner that should hold up well over 50 years or more. It seems like we can forget that the col- lege and university buildings we build must have a timeless quality to endure successfully for generations of students. This building has strong potential to be a winner 50 years from now as well as today. — Martin Sharpless SEE PROJECT SHOWCASE ON PAGE E17 EDUCATION DESIGN SHOWCASE E5

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