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JUN 2012

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2012 EDUCATION DESIGN SHOWCASE GOOD DESIGNS GOOD W also build better facilities. These good designs don't just happen; they are based on plenty of research and the study of best practices. To help provide this information on what makes a "good" space for learning, SP&M and CP&M established the Education Design Showcase in 1999. It is designed to be a vehicle for sharing innova- tive, yet practical, solutions in planning, design and construction. The goal is to share ideas that will help us achieve the best pos- sible learning environments for all students at all levels of education. This year's entries are good examples of what is being provided for today's students at all of our educational levels. Two panels of judges — one examining the K-12 entries and one panel dedicated to the higher educa- tional facilities — studied the submissions, and each panel chose Grand Prize winners and Honorable Mentions for the projects that they felt were the most outstanding in those two levels of education. The two Grand Prize winners are highlighted on pages E4 and E5, followed by all of the entries, in alphabetical order according to their grade level — Elementary School, Middle School, AT EDUCATIONDESIGNSHOWCASE.COM E elcome to School Planning and Management's and College Planning & Management's Thirteenth Annual Education Design Showcase. Schools, colleges and universities are being built to accommodate changes to the educational program, but building more fl exible facilities is not enough. We must RESEARCH AND BEST PRACTICES LEAD TO INNOVATIVE, YET PRACTICAL, SOLUTIONS IN PLANNING, DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION High School and Colleges & Universities. We believe you will fi nd that all of the projects on the following pages refl ect the exciting changes and trends in educa- tional design that are needed to create the learning environments that we can be proud to provide for our children. All of the projects refl ect the growing awareness of environmental concerns that have fostered a greater interest in "green" or sustainable school design, and the fact that schools and communities are taking greater advantage of opportunities to share space, which has made it necessary for those who plan and build these facilities to be more fl exible and creative in their designs. We hope you enjoy this year's Educa- tion Design Showcase and look forward to providing you with Innovations & Sustain- ability Awards Showcase in our November issues. GNS ALL PROJ ECT S Would you like to see all the projects that have been submitted to Education Design Showcase? This is the right place. PA ST WINNER S You can see the list of past winners of both the Education Design Showcase and the Innovation & Sustainability Awards. E2 EDUCATION DESIGN SHOWCASE ARCHI T ECT S Find contact information for the architectural and planning and design fi rms that have submitted projects. FUTUR E SHOWCASES Download submission forms for the Innovation & Sustainability Awards program in November or the 2013 Education Design Showcase. WWW.EDUCATIONDESIGNSHOWCASE.COM

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