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lines, thanks to three-dimensional tubular roof trusses with 164-ft. clear spans. The trusses support a gently curving roof that lowers the ceiling inside, affording both arenas an intimacy that energizes the spectator experience. The trusses are painted "Quinnipiac Gold" and lend a visual interest to the otherwise large and unadorned interior spaces, while providing armatures for lighting, sound equipment, scoreboards, and banners. Early in the planning stages, there was discussion about whether two arenas were better than one. The construction costs associated with building a single ice arena with an overlay basketball fl oor, along with the associated operating and staff expens- es, was an important driver in the selection of the two-arena scheme. Ultimately, the diffi culty of a single venue accommodating the practice and game schedules for four varsity teams was decisive. The separate, dedicated venues were also seen as a distinct recruitment tool for top athletes and, indeed, a number of the University's teams have been ranked nationally in recent years. But beyond wins and losses, Quinnipiac University has risen to prominence nationally, in no small part, because of the excellence and allure of its three campuses. So among its myriad requirements, the Sports Center needed to be a prime attraction for the University while it helped to make the fl edgling York Hill Campus a sought-after place in which to live, where the residents could walk from their rooms to watch their varsity teams compete against rivals such as Yale and Harvard. While it needed to establish a prominent architectural presence, the Center also had to fi t into the campus community of build- ings without being seen as either oversized or more important. of working under the boards Our idea GreenPlay... CONNOR® SPORTS FLOORING introduces TM the first high-performance athletic flooring system that's recycled and recyclable. • RECYCLED SUB-BASE • EARN LEED CREDITS • DIN CERTIFIED Learn more about GreenPlayTM Call 800-833-7144 or visit ©2012 Connor Sports Flooring and Green Play are registered trademarks of Connor Sport Court International, Inc. Connected to the Earth The architect nestled the 185,000-sq.-ft. structure into the side of the hill, thus reducing its perceived mass while enlisting the earth to reduce its heating and cool- ing requirements. The Center is also sited to provide spectacular views — from its lobby and upper fl oor University Club — of the New Haven skyline and Long Island Sound, some eight miles due south. Turning the steep hillside into an asset, the design presents an appealing human scale to the spectators who enter the facility. The front of the structure, facing north, with its two wings and low slung, curv- ing roofs, forms an enclave that welcomes visitors inside. From the outside, the two curved roofs create a sense that the build- ing is in fl ight. Lowering the northern eaves serves to reduce the apparent mass of the facility as well. Because the building's relationship to the view of New Haven and JUNE 2012 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 41

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