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JUN 2012

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Insulating Concrete Forms Schools are being designed to a new performance standard using... Top 5 issues facing chief housing offi cers over the next 3 to 5 years: 1. Student/parent expectations 2. Deferred maintenance 3. Cost to students 4. Civility/entitlement issues 5. Need to modernize facilities this number is down from the 17 percent reported in last year's survey. The lack of suffi cient space has made it near impossible for many institutions to make improvements to their residence halls on a rotating basis, adding to the deferred maintenance dilemma. Top Concerns Last year the concern that topped the list was the growing cost of a college education for students and families (tuition, room & board). This year, growing student/parent expecta- tions and deferred maintenance have taken the #1 and #2 slots. Students' priorities still appear to be amenities, privacy, and single units — a "hotel" experience rather than a "college" experience — and many are basing their choice of college on the quality of the residence halls. A number of universities reported concern regarding stu- dents' ability to adjust successfully to community living. There is increasing concern about students' experiences prior to college and their ability to share space, think about security, make good decisions, and communicate clearly. A number of schools report- ed experiencing an increased percentage of students with mental health issues. Others are fi nding that many of their students do not feel they should be held accountable for breaking rules. When they get fi ned or evicted, they bad-mouth the college housing and spread gossip that hinders new tenants from coming in. Other noted concerns were aging facilities, the demand for modern housing options, a need for technology upgrades, cost to students, debt limits, adequate funding, and adequate staffi ng. The commitment of one university is "what we lack in facilities, we must be able to make up in adequate staff/cus- tomer service." CPM A special thanks to all who contributed to the information presented in this report. JUNE 2012 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 39 Jody Richards Elementary, Net-Zero Energy School – Bowling Green, KY 17,000 11", 13" and 17" Reward ICFs According to ORNL, using the common installation methods with fiberglass batt insulation resulted in the labeled R-value performance being reduced by 28%. Don't over specify underperforming cavity wall systems. Reward Wall Systems insulating concrete forms create high performance walls. The thermal performance of Reward ICF walls can actually increase from the stated R-Value. ICF walls address all factors of heat travel and offer benefits to all parties involved in the building, including architects, builders and owners. Start Specifying A Premium Building Enclosure Straight 90º Corner 45º Corner T-Form Ledge Taper Top ICF Concrete Cores are available in 4", 6", 8", 10" or 12" widths. • 1-800-468-6344 Full CAD details, BIM objects, and specs are available online. Answers You Need • What causes 80% of ALL construction litigation? • Heating bills increase 43% solely because of what? Find answers to these questions and more by downloading our FREE research reports and increase your company's bottom line.

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