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operate the facility. When asked about the impact of the economy on the number of students living on campus, 44 percent of the institutions reported no effect. Thirty-one percent reported an increase in the number of students living on campus, while only 25 percent reported a decrease. Seventy-four percent of institutions actively campaign to keep students in campus housing. But not having enough space has translated into overcrowding, not enough housing for ju- niors and seniors, and a negative impact on their relationship with the neighborhoods that are in close proximity to the school. While building new may not be an op- tion, 62 percent of the institutions polled are in the process of renovating or upgrading their facilities. Renovations have been put on hold in 12 percent of the institutions due to budget constraints. The good news is that Importance How important is the quality of on-campus housing in determining whether a student will attend your institution? Not very important 9% Important 51% Very Important 40% STUDENTS' PRIORITIES STILL APPEAR TO BE AMENITIES, PRIVACY, AND SINGLE UNITS — A "HOTEL" EXPERIENCE RATHER THAN A "COLLEGE" EXPERIENCE — AND MANY ARE BASING THEIR CHOICE OF COLLEGE ON THE QUALITY OF THE RESIDENCE HALLS. experience the fl ow of Go online. Collaborate now with our design team to confi gure exchange™ for your IT, space, methods and goals. No cost or obligation for design services. ©2011 CBT Supply, Inc. All rights reserved. SMARTdesks®, fl ipIT® and exchange™ are trademarks of CBT Supply, Inc. fl ipIT patents FIK 7,784,412; FIL 7,757,612 Green Methods Manufacturer JUNE 2012 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 37

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