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Campus Scene in t he Spot ligh t HotTips This Month Fighting a Clean Fight the truth About hand sanitizers contrAry to ruMor, using AlcoholbAsEd hAnd sAnitizErs does not create antibacterial-resistant "super germs" or contribute to the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, as the overuse of antibiotics does. The active ingredient in most hand sanitizers is ethyl alcohol, which acts in a completely different manner than antibiotics. Alcohol kills germs within seconds by physically destroying the cell membrane and denaturing proteins within the bacteria. Because of the rapidness of the killing and the physical nature by which it acts, there is no mechanism by which the germs can become resistant to it. Furthermore, the best strategy because alcohol for combating the evaporates from the spread of drughands within seconds, resistant bacteria the bacteria are never is for everyone to exposed to low levels keep their hands of alcohol so there clean. is no opportunity for adaptation to it. According to the National Institutes of Health, the best strategy for combating the spread of drug-resistant bacteria is for everyone to keep their hands clean. Also, alcohol-based hand sanitizers do not kill the "good germs" (germs that live naturally in your skin). They do, however, kill the "bad germs" very effectively. These are also referred to as "transient microfora," and are germs your hands pick up when they touch your surroundings. They are located on the outer surface of the skin and are easily killed by the alcohol in hand sanitizers. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers have minimal effects on the good germs, or "resident microfora." This is because the good germs live within the various layers of the skin and within pores and hair follicles and therefore are not accessible to the alcohol. Dr. David Macinga, Ph.D., is a research fellow at GOJO Industries, Inc. (, and an adjunct research assistant professor at Northeastern Ohio Medical University. 8 { CONT. FROM PAGE 3 } security technology and innovations in traditional and logical security, providing a showcase for more than 700 companies demonstrating cutting-edge solutions. Visit for complete event details. Baylor university studies Cheating with cheating rampant — and growing — in american high schools and colleges, researchers at Baylor university's institute for studies of religion (isr) in waco, tX, will undertake a pilot study investigating the connection between various virtues and measures of academic honesty among college students aspiring to become teachers. the three-year study of approximately 2,000 students at fve texas universities will be funded by a $903,807 grant from the templeton world Charity Foundation. Cheating is becoming more widespread each year, and worse yet, "a growing percentage of students seem to see nothing wrong with cheating," says rodney stark, Ph.d., distinguished professor of the social sciences at isr and a co-principal investigator of the study on student integrity. armed with survey and interview data, the research team plans to analyze the relationship between character traits and virtues. understanding the detailed the alfond inn to open at rollins College the alfond inn, currently under construction in winter Park, Fl, will open its doors for guests in august 2013. owned by rollins College, a private coeducational liberal arts college in winter Park, the alfond inn is being built with a $12.5M grant from the Harold alfond Foundation. the alfond inn has an unusual philanthropic and sustainable business model: net operating income from the inn will endow the alfond scholars program. this is rollins College's premier scholarship fund, and it offers full scholarships and provides additional fnancial aid to deserving students. income will be directed to the fund over the next 25 years or until the endowment principal reaches $50M, whichever comes later. the new boutique hotel, located 15 minutes from downtown orlando and 30 minutes from walt disney world and orlando international COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / JUNE 2013 airport, is designed specifcally for the affuent winter Park community and aimed at leisure travelers, weddings, and meetings. www.PLANNING 4EduCATION.COM

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