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education design showcase • colleges & universities PROJECT OF DISTINCTION o u ts ta n d i n g d es i g n + a rc h i t e c t u r e i n ed u c at i o n Binghamton University cHEnango room 13 ArCHITECTS bcK-ibi Group (new york General partnership) DANIEL WHELAN, AIA 607.772.0007 ext. 107 connor architecture MARK CONNOR 781.652.0114 prOjECT INfOrMATION CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR COMPLETION DATE Harvey G. Stenger July 2012 GROSS AREA PER STUDENT SITE SIzE 7,155 sq. ft. N/A N/A CURRENT ENROLLMENT 15,308 students CAPACITY 228 students COST PER STUDENT COST PER Sq. FT. TOTAL COST E14 $15,570 $496 $3,550,000 EDUCATION DESIGN SHOWCASE A s Part of binghamton university's master Plan, the chenango room was renovated and expanded to become a more prominent student and faculty gathering area. The Chenango Room is located at a primary pedestrian intersection on campus. A prominent and separate entrance to the facility was a priority. As the programming phase developed, it was also determined that two primary and distinct dining functions would be created and accessed from the new entrance; both areas would be serviced by the same full-service kitchen. The frst dining component was a formal sit-down dining area served by wait staff and action/food court stations. The second dining experience would cater to express service and the grab-and-go demands of campus life. This area would also accommodate self-serve sit-down dining — both indoors and outdoors. Solid and transparent geometric shapes defne the expanded Chenango Room facility, with a cylindrical tower anchoring the intersection, announcing the building's entrance and creating a campus destination. Because of the Chenango Room's central location on campus and new convenient services, the facility has become a focal point for faculty and student interaction outside of the academic setting. EDS

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