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JUN 2013

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education design showcase • K–12 HONOR ABLE M E N TION o u ts ta n d i n g d es i g n + a rc h i t e c t u r e i n ed u c at i o n Concord Elementary Schools concord ElEmEntary ScHoolS, concord n.H. FACILITY CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR COMPLETION DATE Abbot-Downing Christine Rath June 2012 he consolidation of six aging elementary schools into three new facilities in Concord, N.H., grew from an engaging community process that centered around the district's ambitious educational program goals. The Abbot-Downing and Christa McAuliffe K-5 elementary schools, and the Mill Brook PK-2 Primary School, support the community's vision for 21st-century teaching and learning, each with a centrally located "Learning Corridor" that provides a range of spaces in support of collaborative, project-based learning. Informal spaces for media presentation, performance, quiet individual learning and small group projects — all integrated seamlessly with the school's digital infrastructure — are organized in a single landscape to cultivate a sense of community in the schools and reinforce the notion that learning happens everywhere. The design promotes collaboration, both among students and among teachers, with small breakout rooms, fexible and movable furniture, and a high level of transparency. The openness and visibility allows curiosity, inquiry and observation to catalyze learning in the brightly daylit, colorful and stimulating environment for young students. Reclaimed and repurposed materials, abundant daylight and energy-effcient systems all contribute to each Christa McAuliffe Mill Brook school's status as a Northeast-CHPS certifed facility. EDS Christine Rath Christine Rath June 2012 June 2012 GROSS AREA PER STUDENT SITE SIzE 73,446 sq. ft. 152 sq. ft. 8.7 acres 71,485 sq. ft. 148 sq. ft. 2.8 acres 64,580 sq. ft. 136 sq. ft. 35.7 acres CURRENT ENROLLMENT 422 students CAPACITY 484 students 424 students 484 students 471 students 476 students COST PER STUDENT $29,093 COST PER Sq. FT. $192 TOTAL COST (ALL FACILITIES) $48,866,477 $29,614 $200 $28,081 $207 13 ArCHITECTS HmFH architects, inc. TINA STANISLASKI, AIA, LEED-AP, vASSILIOS vALAES, AIA, LEED-AP, MATT LARUE, AIA 617.492.2200 prOjECT INfOrMATION E6 EDUCATION DESIGN SHOWCASE T

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