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Petersen Mfg. Co., Inc. Concrete & Steel Furnishings the 21st-Century library CLOSE PROXIMITY. Advancing and enriching the educational experience has long been the campus library's primary role. However, by both cutting across and encompassing all disciplines and functions, the library also serves a signifcant social role. It is a place where students come together on levels and in ways that they might not in residence halls, classrooms, or even off campus. When they enter the library, students become part of a larger community. Today's campus library encourages a variety of both interactive and solo activity for students gathered within. Planters Bollards Tables Benches Ash Urns Drinking Ftns. Waste Recepts. 2471 Hwy 30, Denison, IA 51442 800-832-7383 42 H. Armacost Library at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL, dedicated in 2005, created a space both conducive to quiet study and social studying. It offers ubiquitous wireless Internet access (even outside), soft furniture, and abundant windows, as well as various sizes of study spaces. In March, the University of Denver in Colorado opened the Anderson Academic Commons, a 154,000 sq.-ft. academic service center that replaced Denver's old Penrose Library. The new facility, which has a 75-seat café, a 200-seat event room, and two freplaces, was built with student study space in mind. "Penrose was designed to house collections on the top and basement foors, and we crammed in seating where we could fnd space," says Michael Levine-Clark, associate dean for scholarly communication and collections services at the University of Denver. "The fundamental reason for the transformation to the Anderson Academic Commons was to improve and create more varied study space for students." To do this, Denver drastically reduced the number of books in the stacks. Half of the books, and all government and journal collections, were moved to an offsite facility, which turns around faculty COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / JUNE 2013 and student requests within two hours. Levine-Clark estimates that there are currently 450,000 titles, less than half of Denver's available collection, available on the shelves. With the addition of space on campus, students have been checking in. Carrie Forbes, associate dean for student and scholar services at the University of Denver reports that visits to the library are up. "The highest count we saw at Penrose was 3,500 students during the height of fnals," says Forbes. "Now the average count is around 4,000, and we don't have the data from fnals week yet." She adds there was recently a surprising headcount of 400 at midnight. The Not-So-Common Commons Texas Christian University in Fort Worth is currently building its "Intellectual Commons." It is made up of a $25M reestablishment of the library and construction of the adjacent Reese Jones Hall, which will be the catalyst for the Academy of Tomorrow and other interdisciplinary space. The library will shed itself of collections that will be housed in an offsite location to make room for more collaborative space for students and quiet space specifc to graduate students. www.PLANNING 4EduCATION.COM

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