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Measuring success in Your ouTsourced services an academic technology committee and an administrative technology committee, and they meet periodically to review issues. Finally, I have a formal weekly meeting with Joseph Esdale, our CareTech client executive, who has the Walsh title of executive director of Informational Technology. "Informally," Kieba-Tolksdorf continues, "both Joe and I maintain an open-door policy and are happy to talk with anyone at any time, should a need arise." Esdale agrees, noting more specifcs on tracking performance. "We generate reports out of the ticketing/call system DESIGN for COMMUNITY to track the average speed of answering a call and resolution rates. In addition, we randomly survey customers after a ticket closes. I review the surveys monthly and share them with Helen periodically. If there is ever negative feedback, I look at the ticket and the issue and talk with technicians about it. I estimate that only once every two to three months is there a response that is less than average." Esdale's monitoring of service level, specifcally frst call resolution, is critical for businesses that provide call centers and service desks. However, in Top Five Customer Service Metrics (http://managementhelp. org/customers/service.htm), Barb Lyon recommends taking care in measuring the number of complaints you are receiving, as not everyone takes the time to tell you about a poor experience. On the other hand, if you ask your customers if they are satisfed with the service they received, "you are telling them that their satisfaction matters." The Customer Is Always Right Lyon describes four other metrics for measuring performance and customer satisfaction. One is customer retention. She suggests focusing your retention strategies on customers who buy throughout your offerings. Another is response time. In our fast-paced world, response time is one way "we can communicate our sense of urgency and concern for our customers and their experience with our product or service," says Lyon. To that end, set a response goal, and achieve it. CR-138 Benches, Quarry Lake at Greenspring, Baltimore, Maryland. Obrecht Properties, LLC | DMW, Inc. Landscape Architects | DMW, Inc. Photography We design, engineer and manufacture long-lasting, ergonomic and attractive site furnishings. 1.800.368.2573 (USA & Canada) | Maryland, USA | 32 COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / JUNE 2013 As the Center for College Affordability's article points out, outsourcing services and functions allows institutions of higher education to better focus on education. www.PLANNING 4EduCATION.COM

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