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MainTaining a Façade Solutions and Options It's an approach that applies to masonry, windows, and roofing, she explains, and often so across projects on a campus. For example, Sloan describes a gathering trend on campuses: "Moving from addressing individual buildings in separate restoration projects towards a more holistic approach." That's what Kutztown University of Pennsylvania did in 2012, when Sloan's frm, along with Caretti Restoration and Preservation Services, LLC, worked on masonry and other envelope problems at various buildings on its campus. These problems included "deep mortar loss, spalled and cracked masonry, corroded unprotected steel" as well as roofng and window issues, Sloan says. The approach meant that repair work "could be phased over time to best utilize available budgets and balance this against use requirements," she explains. In another sign of the times, Klein and Hoffman — in an integrated project, this time for the University of Pennsylvania — completed a phase of façade ordinance inspections to comply with the requirements of the city of Philadelphia, says Sloan. The fndings are being incorporated "within campus care planning." She explains, "Inspection fndings are entered into a campus database system to keep track of identifed conditions, causes, and dates of interventions and treatments." As each component of a building envelope, problems with roofs need to be considered in relation to others. Peter Power, a principal at Klein and Hoffman, says his frm typically encounters building envelope failures involving roofs and façades due to incorrect repairs and modifcations over the years. Also not uncommon: "failures in brand-new roof fashing systems due to deteriorated masonry conditions behind them." The key, in his view, when making repairs to a roofng/masonry junction: "address both components as a single system." R A DCLIF F E COLL EGE Photo courtesy of vsBa, LLc Fay House Renovation Location: CambRidge, ma architect: VentuRi, SCott bRown and aSSoCiateS, inC. Fay House, the frst permanent home of Radcliffe College and now part of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University, was built as a private residence in 1807 and expanded both horizontally and vertically over the years. Consequently, the building envelope included masonry, windows, and trim from many periods of the building's history. Its recent LEED Gold-certifed renovation, completed in June 2012, sought to maintain this character-giving palimpsest while improving accessibility and updating structural, mechanical, building, data, and life-safety systems. 26 COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / JUNE 2013 www.PLANNING 4EduCATION.COM

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