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Photo courtesy KLein anD hoffMan MainTaining a Façade FORMER GLORY. the deterioration of a building's façade can have a variety of causes, from fawed materials and/or original detailing and ill-advised or deferred maintenance to harsh environmental conditions. When repairs are required, today's experts are fnding the balance between improving energy effciency and restoring the building's exterior to its original architectural beauty. continuous water mist was applied prior to light pressure washing. This allowed the limestone to be cleaned without any chemical use, or harsh abrasives." In other words, sensitivity to what's already there is a fundamental part of the multi-pronged building envelope solution. It hasn't always been the case. Take windows, for example. Structural and building engineering frm Klein and Hoffman's Robert Hotes points out that recent decades have seen many historic wood and steel windows replaced with low-quality aluminum and vinyl. It was unfortunate. Those decision makers were unaware that old fenestration could be maintained, with their sealant replaced regularly, in order to reduce energy loss, which happens through air infltration. If historic windows are intact and energy savings is your goal, those windows "can be retroftted with interior storm windows that preserve the exterior appearance of the building," Hotes adds. However, if such windows are beyond restoration, then consider new replacement windows, which can replicate historic ones while providing good insulation, says Alice L. Sloan, a preservation specialist with Klein and Hoffman. Incidentally, she reports that the related window technology has come a long way in recent years. On a wider note, as Sloan points out, "universities generally are very sensitive to maintaining the existing aesthetics in terms of the overall character of the building." Exterior masonry undergoing preservation and restoration, for example, requires gentle cleaning and repairs with such methods as stone patching preferable to replacement, says Sloan. Still, "when replacement is required, new materials must match the old in terms of size, color, texture," and more. E X P E R T A DV IC E Planning for Success among the things to consider when renovating a building envelope on your campus: • Be consistent. Maintain an organized approach to maintenance and improvements, says Klein and hoffman's Pete Power. your facility manager is an important part of the equation. • Keep the big picture in mind. Do you see water penetration? it may be a marker of broader, underlying issues, such as structural life safety and sustainability, points out robert hotes of Klein and hoffman. • Remember that "being an expert in everything isn't necessary," says Klein and hoffman's Pete Power. instead, keep up your relationships with the experts. staying in touch with "product manufacturers, specialized contractors, and engineers/architects" is likely to boost service and maintenance. CPM 24 COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / JUNE 2013 www.PLANNING 4EduCATION.COM

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