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Collaborative learning involves teamwork, as does the designing of environments in which collaborative learning can thrive. As educational facility design experts, SHW Group knows what works — and what doesn't — when it comes to creating collaborative spaces that allow for multiple uses and accommodate multiple learning styles. When creating collaborative spaces, keep the following in mind. DO DO make collaborative spaces intentional, not just accidental. spaces that are simply "stuck at the end of a hall" won't foster the type of collaboration and innovation that is possible through deliberate design. one approach is to strategically locate collaborative spaces en route to specifc destination zones. at western Michigan university's (wMu) sangren Hall in Kalamazoo this concept was utilized, looking at classrooms as a destination and incorporating collaborative zones outside of classrooms. these spaces provide an area for students to gather before and after class to review notes or study. DON'T DON'T underestimate the power of food and beverages to attract people. this is especially true when it comes to creating destination zones within a building or campus. it's important to understand the social aspects of collaborative spaces and why people want to work together at the café. a café area was located within grand Valley state university's (gVsu) Mary idema Pew library, learning and information Commons in allendale, Mi, and strategically positioned collaborative spaces were placed along the route to the café. users, drawn into the building by the primary library mission, soon discover the café situated in a location surrounded by other collaboration opportunities. the café will fuel the energy level and unique learning habits of today's students. "Virtually everything about the Mary idema Pew library, learning and information Meet the world's smartest polished concrete floor. For less than you're spending now, you can make your new or existing concrete floors the world's smartest floors with FGS/PermaShine polished concrete. Looks alone are enough to ask how. But that's just the beginning: • Add the National Floor Safety Institute's "High Traction" Certification. • Add your color taste. Go mild, medium or hot. Your choice. • Add LEED® for Schools points. Mother Earth will love you for it. • Add durability. No chipping, peeling, or marking. Really. No kidding. • Add the truckload of money you'll save in maintenance. (Think big.) • Add the fact that it doesn't matter how old or new your floor is, upgrading requires little, if any downtime. Discover how smart polished concrete is for your school. Increase your floor's IQ for less than you think, quicker than you can imagine, and easier than sitting back, putting your feet up, and congratulating yourself for being the genius that you are for choosing FGS-PermaShine polished concrete floors. Get the polished concrete facts. Call 800-362-3331. ® ® LM-12-0052 18 COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / JUNE 2013 " of the newest, greenest, and most affordable flooring options available." —BuildingGreen The new face of polished concrete Worldwide: 402-453-6600 Available exclusively from L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc. www.Planning

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