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MAY 2013

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R E A L -WOR LD S OLU T IONS TechUpgrade Hands-on Training Benefits Teachers hen the tech training group at the Northern Alberta W Institute of Technology (NAIT) decided to install 100 new Epson BrightLink interactive projectors at their Edmonton, AB, campus over the summer, they thought they had their work cut out for them in training the staff who would use the projectors starting in the fall. "The next thing we knew, our Learning Technologies Team was putting together a … BrightLink training meeting right before summer break," says John Kent, who manages NAIT's educational technology as Manager of Technical Solutions and Innovation. "We wanted to show teachers a whole new approach to what they've been doing, adding functionality that is much easier to learn than standard interactive whiteboards." Most of the teachers attending the first BrightLink training, while teaching very high-tech careers, previously only had access to overhead projectors to annotate slides or present images to their classes. The trainer spent the first 15 minutes of the half-hour BrightLink training session going over the basics. He demonstrated the BrightLink interactive projector, explained how to turn it on, connect a laptop or computer, use the interactive pen, transform any surface into an interactive learning area — illustrating how its interactivity helps engage students and further their learning. After the demonstration, the trainer invited teachers to come up to the board and use the BrightLink for the remaining 15 minutes. One teacher took up the challenge, and the whole energy of the room shifted as the class began to see what it could do. After the teachers completed the training session and discovered the BrightLink's Training is designed to be hands-on so teachers have an opportunity to see the technology in action. "Since we regularly do educational training, we have a standard 'here's a new technology' approach," says Kent. "In this case, the team had scaled the time down to a half hour rather than two hours because we knew that's all it would take." user-friendliness, they looked forward to using it in the fall semester. "We received a lot of positive feedback that we had provided them with a useful teaching tool," says Kent. CPM EPSON AMERICA, INC. EPSON.COM TECH SHOWCASE W H AT ' S N E W + N O T E W O R T H Y BYOD Management Lamp-Free Projectors Aruba Networks, Inc. — With the Optoma Technology, Inc. — Two addition of Aruba WorkSpace, a new component of the ClearPass Access Management System, for the frst time, Network Access Control (NAC), Mobile Device Management (MDM), and Mobile Application Management (MAM) systems are a part of one solution and work together to secure company data and reduce BYOD helpdesk costs. beyondMDM Expanded Agreement Intelligence Solution Panasonic Corporation — Verint Systems Inc. — An in- new EcoBright solid-state illumination (SSI) short-throw projectors, the 2500 lumen ZW212ST and its 2300 lumen cousin, the ZX212ST, are designed to more efectively display presentations, save money, and reduce carbon footprints. Both employ all the latest command and control technologies, ensuring easy system integration and operation. With this addition of the Toughpad family to the contract available through the National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance Company, public and nonproft agencies across the country have a new, efcient method to purchase Panasonic's industry-leading family of tablet computers built for jobs that demand reliable and secure technology able to withstand challenging conditions. tegrated audio and video intelligence solution provides command, control, and communications centers, as well as public safety answering points, with a unifed application interface to investigate incidents with information from voice, video, and other security systems using the functionality in Nextiva Video Management Software and Audiolog Insight Center. business-solutions MAY 2013 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 91

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