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MAY 2013

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INTERIORS WINDOW FILM 101 the best results and maximum manufacturer's warranty coverage, a skilled professional window fi lm company should install it. Installation of the fi lm can be done on a room-by-room basis or else after regular facility hours (such as evenings or weekends), so literally overnight windows can be covered with little to no disruption to normal operations. CP&M: How long will window fi lm last? SMITH: Window fi lms will normally have at least a fiveyear manufacturer's warranty, but products today generally have 10 to 20 years of warranty coverage from the manufacturer, dependent on the specific fi lm and intended use. The U.S. Department of Energy Weatherization software uses a 15-year life expectancy for low- to medium-price window fi lms on windows in older buildings. Suffice to say that the expected actual life of quality window fi lms may greatly exceed the warranty period. CP&M: Does window fi lm require special care/maintenance/cleaning methods once it is in place? SMITH: Installed window fi lms can be cleaned with normal non-abrasive, non-corrosive cleaning liquids and 6867$,1$%,/,7<,660$57 Player Development Center, Crisler Center, Ann Arbor, MI *Protected by U.S. Patent No. D659,897 $1<7+,1*/(66,6 IRRESPONSIBLE EverLast® High Bays offer 68% more delivered lumens than competitor LQGXFWLRQ ¿[WXUHV UHVXOWLQJ LQ JUHDWHU VDYLQJV (QJLQHHUHG DQG HTXLSSHG with high performance patented design features, induction high bays from soft paper towels just as you would clean glass. The fi lms have a scratch-resistant surface like the scratch-resistant lenses found in many eyeglasses today. CP&M: Is window fi lm something that is more likely to installed on older windows/glass? Is there treated glass used in construction that would not require window fi lm because the benefits provided by window fi lm are already "built in?" SMITH: The newer the building, generally the greater the energy-control capability of the window system, so there may be less energy savings potential for the use of window fi lms on newer glass. However, normal glass stops little ultraviolet energy, so even the addition of clear UV-blocking window fi lm offers benefits. In addition, some newer windows have extremely high visible-light transmission and may create areas of excess glare, where window fi lm may also be desirable to make use of an area more feasible and comfortable. Even the newest windows, which advertise added UV protection as a benefit, usually provide no more than 70 percent UV block. A trained window fi lm specialist, using specific tools and guidelines from a manufacturer, can determine how much added energy savings or other benefits might be achieved by adding window fi lm to these newer types of windows. CP&M: Are there benefits provided by window fi lm to reflective glass? SMITH: "Reflective" glass can be single-pane glass with a hard metallic coating applied to the inside of the glass or it may be a dual- or triple-pane window with very thin, higher-performance metallic coatings on one or more inner surfaces within the window structure. A determination of the window construction, the specific glass, and its thickness and coatings can be made by a trained window fi lm specialist, using specific tools and guidelines from a manufacturer. A recommendation can then be made as to how much (if any) added energy savings or other benefits might be achieved by adding window fi lm to this type of glass/window combination. CPM EverLast® are the intersection of innovation and economy. Your university can improve its lighting, sustainability, footprint and bottom line with one call. 888-383-7578 © 2013 EverLast® Lighting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 80 COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / MAY 2013 The International Window Film Association (IWFA, is a nonprofit organization of window film dealers, distributors, and manufacturers that facilitates the growth of the industry by providing unbiased research, influencing policy, and promoting consumer awareness of the many benefits of window film. WWW.PLANNING 4EDUCATION.COM

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