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users can be assured of the energy performance potential of the window fi lm. Both the safety/security fi lms and solar-control fi lms all offer up to 99 percent UV-protection as a standard feature. Safety/security window fi lm works when glass breaks, controlling the post-break behavior of the broken fragments, generally by holding the pieces together attached to the fi lm. This may greatly enhance the safety of building occupants and protection of furnishings/interiors from damage caused by broken and/or flying glass pieces. These products can be used to bring unprotected glass up to certified safety standards for impact (both impact by objects and for human impact), enhanced blast protection (such as from a chemical explosion, i.e. from a laboratory), and other events that create hazards from broken glass. Decorative films can be used to make standard glass look like frosted, etched, or patterned glass, in colors or in white or black matte looks, enhancing both aesthetics and privacy. Although not designed specifically for that purpose, both standard solarcontrol films and decorative films have the ability to minimize a portion of flying glass fragments should the glass ever break. CP&M: Can window fi lm contribute to LEED points? SMITH: Window film can be used to earn LEED points, as it reduces energy use and carbon emissions while having a small carbon footprint relative to its potential energy savings. CP&M: Does it help in preventing fading of fabrics? SMITH: It is estimated that 40 to 60 percent of fade is due to exposure to ultraviolet energy; the use of win- dow fi lm with its UV-blocking ability can prevent up to 99 percent of that contribution to fading. Other factors that contribute to fading are visible light and heat, so the glare reduction and energy savings properties of window fi lm can further reduce the rate of fading that might otherwise occur. CP&M: How is window fi lm installed? Is it difficult or time-consuming? Would a facility need to be offline for a length of time? SMITH: Although window fi lm can be installed as a do-it-yourself product, to get Solid Plastic Partitions – the Material of Choice UÊ ÜÊ>Û> >L iÊ Ê£ää¯Ê« ÃÌV ÃÕiÀÊ recycled material UÊ`i>ÊvÀÊÜÊ>Ìi>ViÊ>`Ê}Ê `ÕÀ>LÌÞÊÀiμÕÀiiÌÃÊ UÊ-Ì>ÞÃÊÕ>vviVÌi`ÊLÞÊÃÌi>ÊÀÊ}ÊÕ`ÌÞ UÊ-Ì>`ÃÊÕ«ÊÌÊViÀV>ÊVi>}Ê>}iÌà UÊ/iÝÌÕÀi`Êw ÊÃÊ`iÃÊÌiÊivviVÌÃÊvÊÛ>`>à UÊÌÌÀ>VÌÛiÊVÀÊÃiiVÌ UÊiiÌÃÊÊÀiμÕÀiiÌà UÊ£x9i>ÀÊ7>ÀÀ>ÌÞ Û>>LiÊ>ÃÊÊ"L iVÌà Visit us at for all our partitions Accurate Partitions Corp. Single Source Solution MAY 2013 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 79

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