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MAY 2013

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materials, and color palettes in training areas can further help simulate the environments that students will ultimately work in after graduation. Colleges and universities should not feel limited to staying within the realm of "academic" design, but rather strive to strike a balance between a traditional classroom environment and a simulated health care environment. Offer Simple, Clear Wayfinding Intuitive wayfinding — understandable spatial organization that guides people as they move through a facility — improves the experiences of students, faculty, staff, and visitors by helping them easily locate and arrive at their destinations and steering unauthorized people away from restricted areas. Wayfinding can be enhanced in many ways, including but not limited to the effective use of color, material, and social clues. Express Your Culture Every academic institution has a unique culture and sense of institutional pride. Well-designed interior spaces and environmental graphics create places where colleges and universities can celebrate their history by sharing what makes it unique to be part of that institution. Keeping the collegiate spirit alive by creating a place that supports the values and energy of the institution directly impacts student, faculty and staff satisfaction and differentiates an institution from its competition. In higher education, it is difficult to predict needs two years out, let alone what the needs will be throughout a facility's typical multi-decade lifespan. By creating thoughtfully designed interiors that focus on flexibility, colleges and universities can help ensure that their facilities are able to adapt to the ever-changing landscape in education and continue to deliver exceptional student and faculty experiences. CPM Larry Schnuck, AIA, is a senior design principal at architecture and experience design firm Kahler Slater ( and is team leader for the firm's Higher Education and Academic Health Sciences practice areas. He can be reached at or 414/290-3714. Why tear down walls when you can raise revenue? %JXIV &IJSVI Upgrading your furniture raises needed revenue. is fit Analys Cost Bene ennonite U. Eastern Mre: $ 257,040.00 5 itu New furn by TRT: $ 54,909.7 ished of 78.6% Refin ings Sav -------------s-is --------Footprint Analy ns Carbon iture: 93.99 To ns New furn ed by TRT: 0.93 To Refinish gs of 98.94 Xs Savin Get a fresh new look for a fraction of the cost of new furniture. The Refinishing Touch revitalizes dorm rooms, libraries, lounges and more with an on-site, eco-friendly process that gives you a wide selection of fabrics, finishes, hardware and surfaces to choose from. So why buy new when you can renew? Contact us today and save up to 80%. MAY 2013 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 77

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