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MAY 2013

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Campus Scene IN T HE SPOT LIGH T HotTips This Month Furniture Lower furniture costs IF YOU'RE A FACILITIES AND OPERATION MANAGER at a college or university then it's likely you have been faced with the everpending issue of furniture replacement under the constraints of tight budgets and limited resources. It's important to consider the available solutions, such as furniture asset management tactics that maximize cost effectiveness and efficiency. In an effort to make the most of allocated budgets, consider the three-step "rethink, refinish, and reuse" furniture asset management process to recognize the cost benefits of refinishing existing furniture instead of purchasing new pieces. First, review all of your existing furniture assets and "rethink" current view on furniture, shifting it toward a mindset that views furniture as valuable assets, rather than disposable commodities. Second, "refinish" existing assets by means of investing in professional and proven furniture asset management services. Specialized production teams work quickly, efficiently, and effectively, so refinished armoires, dressers, headboards, and other residence hall furniture are available for occupants that same night — a feature highly sought after by both students and management. Third, all members of any college or university, including students, administrators, faculty, and stakeholders, should encourage the creation of a "reuse" community, where all cost-effective solutions, from tray-less dining halls to recycling campaigns and furniture asset management techniques, are implemented and utilized, saving both budgets and resources. By implementing the three-step furniture asset management process, facility and operations managers can contribute to saving an average of 80 percent on costs when compared to purchasing new furniture. Mario Insenga is founder and president of The Refinishing Touch ( He can be reached at sales@ or 800/523-9448. 8 { CONT. FROM PAGE 3 } UConn is seeking senior academic leadership and tenure-track faculty with expertise across many traditional areas, and also in select thematic areas — among them environment and sustainability, digital media, and genomics and life sciences. Social Media Friendly Libraries The staff at (, a library science social community for librarians around the world, recently searched the most popular social media platforms looking for college and university libraries that are actively using their accounts to promote library events, notify students of new materials, or interact with patrons in other ways. The result was a list of 442 college and university libraries, which were evaluated based on their level of activity on various platforms. The highest possible score was 100, with 32 points for Facebook, 25 for Twitter, 18 for YouTube, 7 for Pinterest, 4 for Google Plus, and 14 for Flickr. From that list, posted their "100 Most Social Media Friendly College and University Libraries for 2013." The top 10 schools on that list are: The University of Texas at Austin, California State University Northridge, the University of Kansas, American University (Washington, DC), Boise State University, Santa Barbara City College, the University of Utah, Syracuse University, North Carolina State University, and Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles). To see the full list, visit Hamilton College Receives Grant for FYE Program Hamilton College in Clinton, NY, has been awarded a $250,000 grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations to support the three-year pilot phase of a comprehensive First-Year Experience (FYE) program to help students make the transition to college. The Davis Foundations grant will be used to support the establishment of fi rst-year courses, add an associate NOW ON WEBCPM.COM { KEEPING YOU UP-TO-DATE } FREE WEBINAR, ON-DEMAND Impact on Learning College Planning & Management takes an in-depth look at what is happening in education today, what the trends are in facilities and design, a review of research on the impact of facilities on learning, and selected examples of what is being done at schools and colleges across the nation to transform the learning environment ... one piece at a time. Find out what your colleagues have done to improve efficiency and make their institutions a better place for learning. To register, go to COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / MAY 2013 WWW.PLANNING 4EDUCATION.COM

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