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INTERIORS OUTFITTING STUDENT REC CENTERS If that information is enticing, Massey has a piece of advice for administrators contemplating building or renovating their rec centers. "In rec center design, there is a rule of thumb for number of students vs. number of square feet," he explains. "That allows you to plan fairly well. However, it's difficult to anticipate how the increase in programming space affects the increase in use, which requires a staffi ng increase, which requires an increase in support space." But it does need to be anticipated, and so you'll want to discuss this with your architect. Student rec centers — if they're what students want (and they do), and if they come with value added to the institution (and they do), then flex your biceps and start building. CPM AMAZING STUDENT RECREATION CENTERS The website Best College Reviews ( has released a ranked list of the 25 most amazing university student recreation centers in the United States. The ranking is based on the totality of a campus' recreation offerings, including outdoor recreation facilities and programming, outdoor pools, and architecture. Best College Reviews is an online ranking and review website designed to help students make informed choices about the schools they attend. The top 25 include: • University of Akron • Northeastern University • University of Alabama at Birmingham • The Ohio State University • University of Arizona • University of Pennsylvania • University of California at Los Angeles • The Pennsylvania State University • University of Chicago • Pepperdine University • University of Cincinnati • San Francisco State University • Colorado State University • University of South Florida • University of Idaho • Temple University • University of Illinois • University of Texas • University of Iowa • Texas State University • University of Maine • Vanderbilt University • University of Missouri • University of North Dakota You talked. We built. ,QWURGXFLQJWKH0ì'85$ª flush valve IHDWXULQJ$FFX6HWª piston technology. Constructed with premium materials, 0ì'85$LVGHVLJQHGIRUXOWUDGXUDELOLW\ the result of in-depth research and advanced engineering. AccuSet ™ piston technology Heavy-duty angle stop assembly Self-cleaning filter Premium seals Superior handle design Which assures a virtually maintenance-free experience for proven consistent performance. And isn't that all you really wanted in the first place? To learn more, visit us at ©2012 Moen Incorporated. All rights reserved. 54 COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / MAY 2013 NEW! A site for industry pros in plumbing engineering, design and facility management. WWW.PLANNING 4EDUCATION.COM

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