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Recruit & Retain BOS TON COLLEGE A Talented and Diverse Faculty for the 21st Century Using technology to ensure talented faculty candidates are not missed. BY PATR ICIA DELEEU W AND STEV E GOLDENBERG R ECRUITING AND HIRING members still had to physically come into an on-campus office an outstanding faculty is crucial to to review candidate materials. Picture reams of paper from each maintaining an institution's acaof hundreds of faculty candidates in boxes in a department office demic excellence. At Boston College, we strive without an organized process. to develop the most talented and diverse Today, a more holistic view of university-wide faculty searches faculty so that these role models enrich our is available to senior leadership at Boston College with one online students' lives, while accurately representing system. This secure electronic service allows our senior leadership various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. to quickly — but deeply — review the materials and decisions However, due to inconsistent faculty selecmade. We can see how many people applied, who made the short tion practices, we feared that wonderful faculty list, which got interviews, and ultimately who got hired to ensure candidates might be overlooked. As a highly that talented candidates are not missed. ranked institution in an attractive part of the It is also easier for departments to meet diversity guidelines country, Boston College receives hundreds of because they are able to efficiently review a larger number of candiapplications for each dates. Additionally, important EEO data is open faculty position. immediately and securely stored, supportToday, a more Until recently, our application materials ing our compliance reporting without needholistic view of were evaluated through a paper-based ing to ask staff to fill out forms manually. university-wide faculty process, a time-consuming and resourceWith our new faculty search process, searches is available draining practice for search committee senior administrators have increased members as well as administrative staff. to senior leadership at confidence that committees are making With 800 full-time faculty and growing, thorough decisions. The online process Boston College with we need a consistent and efficient faculty also relieves burdens on faculty and adone online system. search process across Boston College's ministrative staff by reducing resourceseven schools and various departments to intensive processes to collect and review ensure that senior administration can oversee decisions, recruit, applications, collaborate with other search committee members, and retain the most talented faculty, and promote productive and communicate directly with applicants. This relieves faculty practices for faculty diversity and equal opportunity. from administrative burdens that get in the way of their research To achieve a streamlined process, Boston College began using and teaching, and allows department staff to focus on other high Interfolio ByCommittee, a centralized, online faculty search solupriority responsibilities. tion that ensures a thorough review of faculty candidates, relieves In the 21st century, we can't afford to miss talented faculty due process-oriented burdens placed on faculty and administrative to inconsistent faculty selection processes, and we need to have a staff, and improves our diversity efforts. faculty that mirrors the diversity of our student body. Having a cenBefore we adopted an online faculty search solution, each tralized and efficient faculty decision-making process helps us meet Boston College department approached faculty searches differthese goals across the institution. At Boston College, a secure online ently, with some collecting paper applications and others using an faculty search service eases the workload on committee members internally developed electronic system. This presented a number and staff involved with the process, increases EEO compliance, and of challenges for the institution. enables our institution to hire a talented and diverse faculty. CPM Inconsistent selection practices across the institution made it difficult for senior administration to keep track of and easily rePatricia DeLeeuw is vice provost for Faculties, Boston College, and view faculty selection decisions. Additionally, search committee Steve Goldenberg is CEO of Interfolio. 10 COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / APRIL 2013 WWW.PLANNING 4EDUCATION.COM

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