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APR 2013

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NEWS + TRENDS TechWatch + G R E E N D ATA Energy Efficient IT Report I n its fourth year, CDW-G's 2012 Energy Efficient IT Report takes a new approach by identifying the data center solutions that users say offer the greatest return in energy efficiency, considering their cost, technical feasibility, and management support according to organizations that have implemented them. It also examines the barriers IT managers continue to face when pursuing energy efficiency in their data centers. To present results of the study, the report creates solutions rating maps based on actual user experience to suggest where other organizations may look for their next energy efficient IT investment. Some key findings include: • 72 percent of respondents have reported reducing their data center energy costs by one percent or more. SPECIAL REPORT • Respondents found the solution most likely to offer savings was new cooling approaches, with 65 percent saying they are experiencing savings with this approach. • The top three technologies implemented for savings were consolidated servers, virtualized servers/storage, and hardware that employs newer, low-power/ low-wattage processors. • The top three easiest to implement solutions were Energy Star-qualified devices; hardware that employs newer, low-power/low-wattage processors; and consolidated servers. • 30 percent of data center purchases in the last three months were "green." For more information or to read the entire report, visit www.cdwnewsroom. com/2012-energy-efficient-it-report. Report on Tablet Computer Use Available An 80-plus-page report from the Primary Research Group, "The Survey of the Use of Table Computers by Academic & Special Libraries," was recently made available for purchase through their website at www.PrimaryResearch. com in both PDF and print form. Based on data from 78 academic and special libraries, it looks closely at how they are using tablets. This survey helps librarians and information technology personnel answer questions such as, what type of libraries are using tablets, how are they using them, and which brands are most popular? Results include that 34 percent of academic libraries in the sample loan out tablets to library patrons; academic libraries in the sample plan to spend a mean of $2,210 on tablet computers in the next year; and 12 percent of libraries have had a tablet computer stolen or lost by a patron. + RESEARCH GRANT Researcher Receives $1.3M for Supercomputing A mathematics professor at Texas A&M University, Wolf- gang Bangerth, recently received a $1.3M grant from the National Science Foundation to expand the use of his software program, deal.II, used by hundreds of researchers around the world, to make it more adaptable for and accessible to researchers. In a press release, Bangerth says, "For us, this is validation that what we are doing is right. We're helping others. We want to provide the infrastructure for other researchers in as broad a way as possible. We want to give researchers the building blocks they need to do their research. There's a need for this. There's not a lot of software for people doing research on projects that have billions of variables." Researchers working on such complex problems use specialized computing clusters — essentially tens of thousands or more computers stacked and grouped together to pool processing powers. Some large supercomputing operations use more than a million processor cores. The recent partly NSFfunded addition at the University of Texas at Austin, Stampede has 102,400 processor cores. While computing power is important, Bangerth's software helps researchers use the true potential of supercomputing hardware. The expansion of deal.II may result in world-changing research. APRIL 2013 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 65

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