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APR 2013

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Heating and Cooling Efficiency Many of our recent projects have included geothermal heating and cooling systems, which utilize geothermal energy generated from the earth. Another trend is to incorporate airflow management design, which encourages cooling airflow during times when the building needs to be cooled and warm airflow during times when it needs to be heated (passive ventilation). tion is usually reflected in low-flow appliances and water reuse systems. In addition, outside of the building, rain gardens and sustainable landscape design ensure that runoff from the building is sequestered into the soil and doesn't result in erosion. Lighting Efficiency Sustainable construction projects often feature "daylight" concepts. This means that the building is designed to utilize natural daylight and cut down on the need for artificial light. Occupancy and daylight sensors can be installed in rooms so that electric lighting is only used when it is necessary. In addition, super T8 and LED lighting fi xtures can be installed to reduce the energy consumed by artificial lighting when it is used. Conclusion Ultimately, sustainable construction and design is all about building smart facilities that consume fewer resources and are more operationally efficient. The trends we mentioned in this overview are just a selection of the strategies we've seen consistently implemented on our own projects. If you're interested in pursuing a green construction project, work with an architect and construction management company that has experience in this sector. Qualified teams will help your organization set goals and determine which strategies best align with your desires so that you can deliver a socially responsible facility that attracts students and is a welcome addition to the local landscape. CPM Water Efficiency Water efficiency has grown to be an increasingly important issue in the last few years. The desire to decrease water consump- Jessie Houlihan Bingen is director of Corporate Development for Stahl Construction Co. ( She can be reached at 952/767-2127 or Meet Higher Standards for Rooftop Safety Railings fabric structures ing or growing, Whether playing, train vered. ClearSpan keeps you co UÊ Ê UÊ Ê UÊ UÊ UÊ iiÕ>À`®Ê«iÀ>iÌÊv>Ê«ÀÌiVÌÊÃÞÃÌiÃÊvÀÊy>ÌÊÀÊÜÊ Ã«i`ÊÀvà ÃÌ>ÊÜÌÕÌÊÜi`}]Ê`À}ÊÀÊ«iiÌÀ>Ì}ÊÌiÊÀvÊÊ Ê iLÀ>i `i ÃÊ> à Ê>Û> >L iÊv ÀÊÃ Þ } ÌÃ]Ê >ÌV iÃ]ÊÃÌ> ÀÃÊ> `ÊÜ> Ü>Þà `Õ >ÀÊ`ià } ÊÌ ÊwÌÊÛ ÀÌÕ> ÞÊ> ÞÊÀ vÊV w}ÕÀ>Ì > Û> âi`Êv ÀÊV ÀÀ à Àià ÃÌ> Vi Kee Safety, Inc., Buffalo, NY > Ê£näänx£x£n£ÊUÊ6ÃÌÊÜÜÜ°iiÕ>À`°V Safety at the Highest LevelSM Sustainable Design-Build Solutions Low in cost per square foot. Natural daytime lighting. Easy to relocate. Expandable. Call one of our ClearSpan specialists today at 1.866.643.1010 or visit APRIL 2013 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 61

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