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APR 2013

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Campus Scene IN T HE SPOT LIGH T Ask the Expert New Student Success and Retention Center for East Los Angeles College CONSTRUCTION HAS BEGUN ON THE NEW STUDENT SUCCESS and Retention Center at East Los Angeles College, designed by HGA Architects and Engineers. The $55M, 136,000-sq.-ft., five-story complex will consolidate nine oncedispersed departments to create learning environments for the diverse student body. The facility is designed to achieve LEED Gold certification. Part of a design-build competition, the structure lies on a dense urban campus and will house flexible learning environments, including classrooms, offices, common areas, and success center labs. An open-air courtyard, which separates the faculty offices and classrooms into two distinct wings, serves as the building's main entrance and vertical circulation spine. Additional features include both interior and exterior student collaboration spaces and an exterior stepped terrace that can double as an outdoor classroom and collaborative meeting area. Seventy percent of all classrooms and offices are located within 25 ft. of operable windows and incorporate both natural ventilation and daylighting. A second outdoor classroom atrium and third enclosed office atrium offer informal student gathering spaces while further reinforcing natural ventilation, daylighting, and visual connectivity between floors. The project is slated for completion in late 2014. Bentley University Launches Career Development Course Nearly 90 percent of Bentley University freshman are getting a head start on job searching with the launch of a groundbreaking career development course. The first of its kind among colleges and universities, the course provides first-year students at the Waltham, MA-based institution with a comprehensive career toolkit and the opportunity to do mock interviews and elevator pitches in front of corporate recruiters. The goal is twofold: to prevent students from falling through the cracks during their four-year college experience, and to pioneer a new kind of career education. The course is not required, but is strongly encouraged. Successful completion { CONT. ON PAGE 8 } This Month Green Cleaning What does sustainability have to do with cleaning equipment? BEING GREEN OR SUSTAINABLE IS ABOUT how much waste is added to landfills, whether products are harmful to the natural environment, and how much water and power are consumed, but those factors only scratch the surface. At heart, sustainability is the awareness that there is a finite amount of natural resources on this planet. Given those limited resources, how do we consume? Choosing green is choosing priorities, products, and processes that are people-friendly and planet-friendly for the long term. In fact, it might be easier to ask, What factor of life does sustainability not touch? The U.S. Green Building Council describes the facilities that meet their LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification standards as "high-performing buildings." The USGBC's idea of "green" includes anything that makes a building more efficient at using its resources to fulfill its purpose, whether or not there is a direct, measurable impact on the surrounding natural environment. Maybe a green maintenance practice is one that is designed to make custodial workers more comfortable in their jobs, like the LEED requirement that vacuums be ergonomically designed to reduce user fatigue because worker fatigue hurts productivity. Another requirement that vacuums have advanced filtration is meant to benefit the health of building occupants by improving indoor air quality (IAQ). The widespread acceptance of the USGBC's sweeping definition of what makes a facility green and sustainable lets us know that this is not a passing trend for tree-huggers and activists. It is a pervasive push towards a higher standard of excellence and innovation. Green and sustainable, in the end, are synonymous with efficient, productive, durable, and cutting-edge … and, yes, that even applies to vacuum cleaners. Jacalyn High is director of Marketing for ProTeam, The Vacuum Company ( APRIL 2013 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 3

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