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MAR 2013

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RESTORED AND REHABILITATED "You'd never know from the outside that the building was restored. It almost looks brand new," Davis says. Proven Value While Gaillard now has 166 beds compared to the original count of 280 beds, the military village's three residence halls now house a total of 782 beds. "While we sacrificed bed count, we added suite-style bathrooms, new common areas, and community amenities to make Gaillard equivalent to UNG's other military housing," Davis notes. Tony Aeck, who still has his father's handwritten notebooks pertaining to the building's design and construction, notes that Gaillard was built in two phases completed in 1954 and 1961, respectively, for a total construction cost of exactly $580,148.22. "So for a total investment of less than $6.2M, UNG has a building that will last at least 100 years from the time it was originally constructed," Aeck says. The value is only part of the story. Says UNG's McConnell, "Gaillard has a strong presence and holds a prominent hilltop location overlooking the drill field. It's a good part of the fabric of our campus, and we couldn't be happier with the result. And, it's not often that you get intergenerational architectural work done on a building!" Gaillard Hall and the cadet formation plaza are part of a public/private venture fi nanced through the sale of municipal bonds by the North Georgia College & University Real Estate Foundation. Debt service repayment is coming from fees paid for by the use of the buildings. Ambling University Development Group was the developer for the project. CPM SOUTHERN BLEACHER Your Sport is Our Way of Life. stadiums grandstands bleachers Increase Comfort ◆ Keep Fumes Out ◆ Save Energy ◆ Control Insects ◆ NEUMANN UNIVERSITY Aston, Pennsylvania 295 seat mitered grandstand. Tongue & Groove decking system. Team blue chair first row and risers. 8' x 24' sloped front pressbox. Home of Knights baseball. Legendary industry innovations since 1946 68 Q 800.433.0912 COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / MARCH 2013 WWW.PLANNING 4EDUCATION.COM

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