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MAR 2013

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• Refurbishment of the signature historic steel windows of the lobby that included replacement of the single-pane glass with energy-efficient insulated glass • Replacement of the windows in each of the semi-suites. These windows were not original to the structure and were Why tear down walls when you can raise revenue? replaced with units that were more historically appropriate and that provided improved energy performance. • Addition of a new water-source heat pump system to provide heating and air conditioning to the building • Installation of a new roof %JXIV &IJSVI A ROOM WITH A VIEW. All residential windows in Gaillard Hall were replaced; existing framing was reinforced and insulating glass was put in place. Once the renovation was complete, the resulting, restored facility — in addition to being an excellent mid-century architectural example — retains a powerful presence overlooking the campus drill field. three-story building with staggered wings, this space — no longer needed for a common bathroom — was combined with the adjacent room and converted into open dayrooms that serve as amenity study and leisure spaces for the cadets. They are designed flexibly to also serve as assembly locations for cadet meetings and training. The most significant and historically intact space in the building is the dramatic split-level lobby that helps to mediate the significant topography on the campus. Two elevators also were also installed to make the three-story Gaillard Hall ADAcompliant. The building exterior, largely in good structural shape, still needed repair. The restoration work included: • Selective repointing and cleaning the red brick Upgrading your furniture raises needed revenue. is fit Analys Cost Bene ennonite U. Eastern Mre: $ 257,040.00 5 itu New furn by TRT: $ 54,909.7 nished s of 78.6% Refi Saving ------------sis ---------Footprint Analy ns Carbon iture: 93.99 To ns New furn ed by TRT: 0.93 To Refinish gs of 98.94 Xs Savin Get a fresh new look for a fraction of the cost of new furniture. The Refinishing Touch revitalizes dorm rooms, libraries, lounges and more with an on-site, eco-friendly process that gives you a wide selection of fabrics, finishes, hardware and surfaces to choose from. So why buy new when you can renew? Contact us today and save up to 80%. MARCH 2013 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 67

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