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MAR 2013

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Two Cooperative Purchasing Programs Under One Roof procurement officer. "Other universities can use these agreements to capitalize on better pricing. We did the work upfront, so everybody is a winner." CPM Sherrie Negrea is an Ithaca, NY-based freelance writer specializing in higher education. She writes for university and educational magazines and websites across the country. Schools, government agencies and other nonproft institutions can piggyback on money-saving contracts from KPN and PEPPM. All contracts are publicly and competitively bid and awarded. ON E F OR A LL Centralized Purchasing at Work PHOTO COURTESY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI At Ohio's University of Cincinnati (UC), the Central Purchasing Department is responsible for procurement of goods and services for the entire University, including the Uptown West, Uptown East (Academic Health Center) and Reading Campuses, and Blue Ash and Clermont Colleges. Expenditures exceed $250M annually. UC is a state institution with its own Board of Trustees. Much of what UC buys is competitively bid. Generally, bidding is conducted electronically (phone, fax, email) for small-dollar purchases, and in writing for larger requirements. Buyers select prospective bidders in a number proportionate to each expenditure, ordinarily choosing firms that they evaluate as offering a maximum effort in competition and service. At $50,000, advertisements are placed in two local newspapers. As a state institution, UC is privileged to use state contracts. The University also participates in joint purchase agreements with the State Universities Council, the City of Cincinnati, and others. UC's Central Purchasing Department employs four buying teams, each responsible for a specific selection of goods and services. Buying Team A, for example, is responsible for audio-visual equipment, office furniture, office machines, office supplies, lab and medical supplies and equipment, carpeting, drapes, temporary office help, temporary payroll services, telecommunications, consultants, athletic agreements, and drugs and pharmaceuticals. Since the University must provide for administrative, academic, medical, research, and individual student needs, almost every product and service imaginable is purchased for the multi-campus system. CPM ✓Quality Products ✓Excellent Services ✓Competitive Pricing t"UIMFUJD4VSGBDFTt$PNNFSDJBM'MPPSJOH t'VSOJUVSFt,JUDIFO&RVJQNFOUt7FIJDMFT t.PEVMBSTt%PDVNFOU.BOBHFNFOU t$MFBOJOH&RVJQNFOUt-JCSBSZ4VQQMJFT "OENVDINPSF t$PNQVUFST 5BCMFUTBOE/PUFCPPLT t1SJOUFST 1FSJQIFSBMTBOE4VQQMJFT t1IZTJDBM4FDVSJUZt$PNQVUFS'VSOJUVSF t4PęXBSFt/FUXPSLJOHt"VEJP7JEFP Online Quoting and Over 520,000 Items MARCH 2013 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 47

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