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MAR 2013

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I MPACT O N L EARNING SOLVING REAL-WORLD PROBLEMS, ONE PIECE AT A TIME Georgia Institute of Technology project SNAPSHOT PROJECT: Cool Roofing INSTITUTION: Georgia Institute of Technology LOCATION: Atlanta, Ga. The Georgia Institute of Technology found a roofing solution that will contribute to significant energy and money savings. In addition, because the customfabricated membrane installs quickly, it results in little disruption to campus activities. COMPANY NAME: Duro-Last Roofing, Inc. WEBSITE: editor's REVIEW THE CHALLENGE Founded in 1885, the Georgia Institute of Technology is home to 700 faculty and 15,000 students pursuing their dreams on a 330-acre campus in Atlanta. Georgia Tech's challenge is the same as similar institutions of higher education — keeping everyone sheltered under several hundred thousand square feet of roofing. As a leading architectural college, Georgia Tech knew all the alternatives. "We tried various roofing systems, from modified bitumen to EPDM," says Larry Curbow, structural designer, facilities. "The problem with most new systems is there are too many seams that rely on the workmanship of the roofer," he continues. "No matter how good you are, when you're heat-welding hundreds of linear feet a day, you're bound to make some mistakes. The result is weakened seams, and a roof that needs replacing again after a few years." THE SOLUTION In 1998, Curbow tried the Duro-Last membrane, a reinforced thermoplastic single-ply, for a minor repair job. The leaking copper gutters on Britain Dining Hall were simply lined with the Duro-Last membrane, which was custom-fabricated at the factory to fit every inch of the repair work. This job was completed quickly and efficiently, and worked so well that Curbow decided to try the Duro-Last Cool Zone roof system on the next reroofing job. "Five years later, we've installed nearly 30 white DuroLast Cool Zone roof systems over existing roofs," says Jim Hummel, construction project manager for Georgia Tech. "It has several advantages. One, there are no fumes. Two, its performance is backed by a long-term warranty and more than 25 years of proven performance," Hummel continues. "And three, we can have the Cool Zone roofing system installed very quickly with little disruption to campus or building activities." Perhaps the key benefit Georgia Tech has received from the Duro-Last Cool Zone roofing system is excellent solar reflectivity. The Duro-Last white membrane has the highest retained reflectivity of any single-ply membrane rated by the EPA's Energy Star Roof Products Program, saving significant energy and money. Another reason Georgia Tech has specified so many Cool Zone roofs is the easy installation over most old roofing substrates, which eliminates the need for costly tear-offs and disposal. Because the Cool Zone membrane is prefabricated, authorized contractor Brian Wormley of Wormley Brothers Roofing in Suwannee, GA, could easily install the roof at the college. All materials arrive pre-measured to fit the exact dimensions of the roof application. Healthy indoor environments start from the roof down. The use of this roofing membrane solution at the Georgia Institute of Technology is expected to provide significant energy savings, and no tear-out of the existing roofing was required. With no fumes or lingering disruption during the process, daily activities were uninterrupted. This consideration for building occupants reflects positively on GIT and its roofing choices. IMPACT ON LEARNING Since 1998, Wormley Brothers has installed more than 183,035 square feet of Duro-Last Cool Zone membrane on various buildings at Georgia Tech. Plus, approximately 118,540 square feet of membrane has been installed on family housing units on the campus. There are no harsh chemicals, fumes or disruption during a Duro-Last installation. The daily activities of the college could remain the same. IOL MARCH 2013 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 35

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