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MAR 2013

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I MPACT O N L EARNING SOLVING REAL-WORLD PROBLEMS, ONE PIECE AT A TIME Wright State University project SNAPSHOT PROJECT: High-Efficiancy Cleaning Program INSTITUTION: Wright State University LOCATION: Dayton, Ohio Wright State University is committed to green cleaning, as well as effective use of custodial resources. After some research, the University settled on new cleaning products and procedures that have resulted in a successful and cost-effective green cleaning program using fewer resources. THE CHALLENGE The custodial team at Wright State University (WSU) is no stranger to green cleaning, but recent changes in university resources meant that they had to find a way to do it more efficiently and cost-effectively. WSU, consisting of 14,000 undergrads, 3,000 graduate students and approximately 3,000 faculty and staff, is known for their commitment to green cleaning. In 2008, their Diggs Lab was awarded a LEED NC-Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for their green efforts. However, recent changes at the university including budget constraints, staffing challenges and pushes for energy conservation, challenged WSU to maintain its reputation for green cleaning with fewer resources. The university needed to utilize a high-efficiency cleaning program and find environmentally friendly products that were also cost-effective, efficient and versatile. In addition, with influenza outbreaks and other pathogens a concern, they had to ensure their product selections would help prevent illness and effectively disinfect frequently touched surfaces in high-traffic areas. THE SOLUTION Gina Reese, the custodial service manager for WSU, knew that she had to put new standard cleaning programs in place. "Custodians make or break a program, so I knew that I had to provide them with the right tools and education to do the job," says Reese. After the custodial staff was realigned, Reese implemented a bundled program using solutions including Clorox Commercial Solutions Green Works Naturally Derived Bathroom Cleaner and Clorox Commercial Solutions Green Works Naturally Derived All-Purpose Cleaner. WSU was also able to complement their green cleaning products with EPA-registered disinfectants, such as Clorox Commercial Solutions Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfecting Wipes, which has fast contact times (kills influenza virus in 30 seconds, norovirus in three minutes) and is effective on high-touch surface areas. "Clorox Professional offered a wide array of costcompetitive products and worked with us to develop a simplified green cleaning and disinfecting program that was conducive to our needs," says Reese. The program contributed to sustainability efforts by eliminating the need for glass cleaner and stainless steel polish. After working with their vendor, Phillips Supply, staff learned how to properly use each product and adhere to standard procedures. IMPACT ON LEARNING Reese's custodial team is dedicated to providing WSU students with a healthy environment. After implementing this program, a student approached Reese and shared that he chose to attend WSU due to its clean facilities. In addition, Reese is developing a professional, spiral-bound employee training manual full of standardized cleaning procedures, which she based heavily on educational materials provided by Clorox Professional Products Company. IOL COMPANY NAME: Clorox Professional Products Company WEBSITE: editor's REVIEW Wright State cleans "green" to protect custodians, provide healthier facilities for all occupants and protect both interior and exterior environments. The elimination of toxic cleaning products is beneficial to student health, allowing for healthier IAQ and fewer illnesses. This cleaning program benefits everyone on campus, is budgetfriendly and contributes towards Wright State's sustainability efforts, which is one of its recruiting tools for prospective students. MARCH 2013 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 29

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