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MAR 2013

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Can a Restroom Save Your Institution Resources and Money? Every educational institution today looks for ways to cut operational costs and save money. However, chances are the public restroom may not be at the top of the list for consideration. What if by making one simple change you could reduce material costs, maintenance and waste by as much as 95%—not to mention reduce your school's carbon footprint? The bottom line. Let's look at the facts: We all know paper towels are expensive and students typically use way more than they need. In a typical university with 30,000 students research shows: = 1.06¢ x per person 39,000 = $414.00 restroom visits per day paper towel cost per day On average, most people use 2.5 sheets of paper towels each time they dry their hands. With an average of 39,000 visits to university restrooms each day, this is an expense of $74,520 a year in paper towels! And that doesn't even consider the hidden costs of managing the supply chain and waste stream. World Dr yer's SMARTdri, SLIMdri and its recently introduced SMARTdri Plus fast-dr ying hand dr yers all feature heat controls for user comfort and dry times up to 3 times faster than traditional dryers. Moreover, the cost savings this new technology delivers is impressive. Take another look: World Dryer is the only manufacturer that offers you a full portfolio of fast, state-of-the-art dryers designed to fit the individual needs of any facility. We offer more choices in fast hand dryer options created specifically to adapt to your needs and requirements– guaranteed. Competitively priced, every World Dryer product is designed, engineered and manufactured to help you realize long-term economic and environmental savings. Your institution will do its part by not only saving the environment by conserving energy consumption and keeping waste out of landfills, but also reducing maintenance costs by eliminating germ-filled waste on the floors, overflowing trash cans or toilets clogged by paper towels. The result? = .04¢ x 39,000 = $13.65 per person restroom visits per day hand dryer cost per day With World Dryer's hand dryers it will cost only $13.65 a day to handle the average of 39,000 visits. Compared to the cost of using paper towels, that is a significant savings. An average college campus can save as much as $72,000 per year over paper towel costs by installing automatic hand dryers. Over five years that's a savings of $360,000— money that can be used for important things like books, computers, extra-curricular programs and more. You'll have peace of mind as well as a cleaner, more sanitary facility for both your students and your employees. And you really can't put a price on that. Call us today at 800-323-0701 for a free analysis of how World Dryer's high efficiency hand dryers can help your school reduce costs significantly.

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