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Facility Focus PHOTOS © BARRY HALKIN PHOTOGRAPHY FOODSERV ICE FACILI T IES Widener University University Center (Dining Expansion) M ETCALFE ARCHITECTURE & Design and ARAMARK designed this addition and renovation to Widener University's University Center in Chester, PA, as a response to a growing student need for additional dining options and meeting and social spaces. The design provides healthy proprietary and national franchise food and convenience store brands in a lively and theatrical environment. Designed to accommodate the Millennial Generation's expectations of choice and 24/7 access, the MacMorland Commons follows on the heels of the previous year's upgrade of the Center's residential dining facilities. While the residential dining hall provides an attractive series of intimate eating areas for use during prescribed hours, MacMorland Commons was designed with the opposite intent. It is located adjacent to residential dining (sharing facilities) and is assured of a constant flow of students and activity because of its location and dedicated entrance at the extreme end of the Center. Its sense of activity and transparency is supplemented with large glass walls at its entrance and in the meeting room at the center of the dining area, and bright school colors. Together, the suite of dining facilities moves the building's center of gravity from its distant front door to its middle by creating an exciting internal streetscape that students can travel on the way to other locations on campus. Other notable features include a sunlit outdoor dining area that draws visitors inside MacMorland Commons, "billowed" ceiling panels that provide an inexpensive upgrade to the design of the typical dropped ceiling, and custom historic photo panels of the institution that play to the Millennials' sense of connection and loyalty to the University. Customer survey scores related to food variety and the availability of healthy and vegetarian options have increased 14 to 21 percent compared to the previous retail facility. CPM FEBRAURY 2013 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 55

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