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FEB 2013

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QUIET IN THE LAB Thermal sensors on the fume hoods were replaced with cable sash sensors and digital fume hood monitors equipped with emergency purge buttons. Zone presence sensors were installed, so each fume hood can be individually and automatically set back. With the exhaust volume properly in check, focus turned to supply air. Mock's technicians replaced the airflow devices and controls with Phoenix Controls 12-inch high-speed venturi valves, which further helped with noise reduction. This offered the exact make-up air needed; no more, no less. DESIGN for COMMUNITY We design, engineer and manufacture long-lasting, ergonomic and attractive site furnishings. S-7 Ironsites® Series Backless Bench, Ontario, Canada. 1.800.368.2573 (USA & Canada) 42 | Maryland, USA | COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / FEBRUARY 2013 "When the VAV fume hood pilot project was completed, the noise complaints dropped off," says Faircloth. "We can use the project as an applied example of energy conservation in class. Even with one lab renovation, we could see the savings. The pilot project gave us a template for the rest of the building." One by one, the lab rooms transformed. Investing in Education With the success of the pilot project, AASU sought ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) funding to retrofit the rest of the building. Funds totaling $1.5M were granted, and the project began immediately. The sweeping renovation would show a 36 percent reduction in energy consumption for the Science Center. Instead of 78 constant volume fans on the roof, there are now 12, with VFDs controlling the fan motors. Six fans maintain a VAV duct system at 1.6 in. negative pressure, while the other six provide backup. Through the use of VFDs, the fans are accurately ramped up and down to maintain the static pressure set-point. In a laboratory, a slight deviation from the set-point could result in hazardous conditions and code violations — defi ning the importance of total fan redundancy. The Sound of Silence In the event of a pop quiz, students who attend class in the Science Center will need to fi nd a new alibi for not absorbing information. Excessive fume hood noise drowning out the instructor is no longer a viable excuse. Gone is the end-of-semester curve for HVAC system interruption. To help reduce noise from the rooftop fans, Packless-type sound attenuators were installed at the inlet to each fan. Stainless steel construction offers annual wash-down ability by the AASU maintenance staff so that any collected chemicals can be eliminated on a regular basis. "After the installation of the venturi valve system and sound attenuators, the ambient noise in the rooms measured WWW.PLANNING 4EDUCATION.COM

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