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FEB 2013

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AC C E S S C O N T R O L Integrated Visitor Management VISITOR MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY IS INCREASINGLY BEING INTEGRATED WITH ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS. Visitor management systems add substantial value in improved security and operational ef´Čüciency while enhancing the professionalism of organizations that previously used paper-based solutions. Visitor management will increasingly be integrated with access control systems to provide complete security solutions that protect employees and temporary visitors from intruders and unwanted guests. Integration of visitor management with access control systems enables lobby attendants to easily and safely provide temporary proximity credentials to guests through the visitor management system, rather than the access control system. The information entered into the visitor management system during check-in is seamlessly passed to the access control system so that a proximity card for the visitor can be activated. When the visitor leaves and is checked out by the visitor lobby system, the card is automatically deactivated, and the expiration date and time are automatically passed to the access system, ensuring that a lost or stolen card can no longer be used. Integrating visitor management with access control also eliminates the problems of having a supply of live cards at the reception desk for those who have forgotten their employee badges. The visitor system also has a record of all visitors who have been provided an access card, so there is a complete audit trail, including information about the dates and times when cards were active. CPM Source/Photo courtesy of: HID Global FEBRUARY 2013 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 37

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