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FEB 2013

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Safety & Security ISTOCK © ANDIPANTZ PREPARE AND BE AWARE How to Welcome Campus Visitors If it feels like too much security to talk to every visitor that walks into every building on campus, you may be doing it wrong. BY MICHAEL FICKE S C AN SECURITY PEOPLE ON an open college campus ensure that a visitor — someone from outside the campus community — doesn't walk onto campus and begin stealing laptops or, worse, start shooting people? Of course they can't. Then again, it probably is possible to discourage crime at all levels by presenting a friendly and welcoming yet security-conscious face to visitors. Start with a policy of requiring students, 32 faculty, administrators, and staff to wear ID badges. The reason? It makes it easy to tell who among those walking across campus is visiting. Follow up with a policy of asking visitors to wear ID badges inside buildings on campus. "Whether your campus is in rural Ohio or downtown Philadelphia, whether you have 10 buildings or 50, you need a centralized visitor management system that provides a badge for every visitor in your buildings," says Rick COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / FEBRUARY 2013 Thompson, senior consultant with RETA, a Lamont, IL-based security consultant with a specialty in education. Should you do this in all of your buildings? Maybe. It depends where your campus is. Is it in a part of a city where thieves can walk in and take laptops? Yes. Is it near a small town where everyone leaves their doors unlocked during the day? Perhaps not. Consult your security master plan. There isn't much you can do to badge visitors in common areas outside. Security WWW.PLANNING 4EDUCATION.COM

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