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FEB 2013

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expose workers to fewer risks than upright vacuums for ergonomic injury Backpack ProTeamÕs wand is very light, and means that minimal force is required when 9$&880,1*7+(½2256I – Chris Bourdages, Frontline Ergonomics billion Janitronics injuries are Backpack vacuum users Patented H[W™ $UWLFXODWLQJ KDUQHVV neutral posture distributes weight WR1DWXUDO FHQWHU RIJUDYLW\ compared to extreme arm and leg extensions using an upright. so you have FATIGUE IN THE WORKPLACE per year billion COSTS AN ESTIMATED EHWWHU EDODQFH no matter how you move in health-related lost productivity EVOLUTION maintain a more $136 associated with these factors: 1 After introducing our most comfortable backpack vacuums ever, we wanted to remind you of just how important comfort is to overall performance. The numbers don't lie, but they can't replace the actual experience of wearing one. Feel how much more you can do when ProTeam has your back. Ask for a demonstration today. The American Lung Association and ProTeam are partners in an educational campaign about Indoor Air Quality issues. The American Lung Association does not endorse products. work postures And movements 2 repetitiveness And pace of work 3 Force of movements OF COMFORT COMFORT LEARN MORE each year CUSTODIAL ACCIDENTS & ILLNESSES ARE COSTING The Super Coach Pro hugs the body better. It feels lightweight. I had no lower back pain when bending over. Very body friendly. – Elton Cromedy SUPER COACH PROTM 6 | 866.888.2168

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