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A SPRING IN THEIR STEPS are not unusual," Shearer explains, "were size, resiliency, and Marley." The program, after doing research, went with a Harlequin flooring system featuring a vinyl Marleystyle surface. Educators are pleased, and considering the variety of uses for the studios, it's a good thing. Ask the Experts Shearer makes another point of note: "Specialists really need to be involved in something like dance floors," she says, "(and) we were very lucky to have university architects and project managers who were familiar with dance and who knew Harlequin Studio Dance Floor slip resistant surface support layer mineral fiber interply closed cell foam layer "Installed 13 years ago at Cornish College and our Harlequin Studio™ Dance Floor is still in great shape!" "Harlequin floors have contributed to the success of our programs. From ballet to modern dance and hip hop, from pointe to contact improvisation, our floors need to serve every form of dance. The Harlequin Studio™ floor gives us a consistent friction that provides a safe surface for all of our dancing needs. Our students love the floor's resilience and pliability; our faculty appreciate the floor's contributions to injury prevention. The floors have also been very durable and reliable. Our first Harlequin Studio floor was installed 13 years ago; it's still in great shape." Kitty Daniels, Dance Department Chair Cornish College of the Arts For free samples, information or assistance call toll free today 800-642-6440 American Harlequin Corporation 1531 Glen Avenue, Moorestown, NJ 08057 Toll Free 800-642-6440- Fax 856-231-4403 The world dances on Harlequin floors© ® LUXEMBOURG LONDON LOS ANGELES PHILADELPHIA FORT WORTH SYDNEY Kitty Daniels photo by: Bridget Nowlin - Cornish dancers are Earnest Wallace and Oscar Gutierrez Dancer photo by: Chris Bennion 30 COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / FEBRUARY 2013 how to collaborate." Whatever the eventual choice, a performance floor is a major investment that may be with an institution for a long time. Take, for example, the dance program at Pennsylvania's East Stroudsburg University, which replaced the flooring system of a 46-ft.-by-68-ft. studio in the 1990s. At that time, the program replaced a non-resilient wood-on-concrete floor with a layered resilient system. East Stroudburg's Dr. Elizabeth Gibbons explains that once the parquet floor was pulled up, "the subfloor was sanded to provide an even surface. Resilient high-density foam blocks, by StageStep of Philadelphia, were installed on a frame of 2-in. by 2-in. sleepers. Plywood decking was attached to the frame. Luan (a wood panelling) was attached to the plywood with countersunk screws." A local contractor installed a "battleship lino" overlay by Forbo. The program has been very pleased. Gibbons says, "Almost 20 years and everything is holding up well. Tap shoes, stilettos for Argentine tango; nothing seems to phase it. It is swept and mopped every evening, and buffed at the beginning of every semester. "The floor tends to have a little less traction — slides and turns are great! — than a Marley, so there is a bit of a transition when we move from rehearsals in the studio to tech rehearsals on the portable Marley we use in the theatre. It's a bit slick for the rare times we do pointe, and we can't use rosin — because we also have modern and children's classes on it — so sometimes we dampen the pointe shoes or ballet slippers with water." As Gibbons adds, "I was the only dance faculty at the time, and was a bit worried that, after I got the approval for the funding, the decision as to the type of floor would be mine alone, and that I'd have to live with it for a long time!" All the more reason that, in terms of flooring at least, the dance is in the details. CPM WWW.PLANNING 4EDUCATION.COM

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