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FEB 2013

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IT'S PAYBACK TIME an awareness of LEED ratings and other green initiatives. And schools are picking up the gauntlet. "We have a responsibility to educate and do what's right," says Judy Mitchell, vice president of administrative services, Jolliet Junior College (one of the ACUPCC signatories), Joliet, IL. "And that means making decisions that benefit our students and the environment." As part of a $220M master plan aimed at transforming the College's approach to sustainability and efficiency, Joliet Junior College (JJC) just completed a 42,500-sq.ft. Facility Services Building that has met 'XUDEOH/LJKWZHLJKW7DEOHV&KDLUV KEEP LEARNING TOP OF MIND Keep students cool and comfortable for hours with Each revolutionary chair conforms to the shape of each individual, minimizes SUHVVXUHSRLQWVPD[LPL]HVDLUÁRZDQGGHOLYHUV unsurpassed comfort. LEED Gold. Sustainable elements of the building include geothermal HVAC; reflective roof surfaces; solar heat collectors; LED lighting; motion sensors for lighting; and operable, high-efficiency windows. Each component was carefully considered before it was installed. "We have a solid, institutional commitment to sustainability that we balance with what is fiscally responsible," says Pat Van Duyne, JJC's director of facilities. With that comes a metric. "Fifteen years is a good payback time, but 20 years was considered acceptable because of the educational opportunities. Anything over 20 years, however, becomes difficult to justify." Because of this formula photovoltaic arrays, which Van Duyne estimates to have over a 30-year payback, were, "untouchable. We put in a few to show what can be done with this technology, but a full array was out of our reach," he continues. Other technologies, like geothermal, which Van Duyne estimates has a 15-year payback, made the cut. "We have a responsibility to the budget but we also signed contracts for sustainability. It's a constant balancing act." © 2012 Mity-Lite, Inc. 5LS6WRSPHVKLVVWDLQWHDUUHVLVWDQW &KDLUVVXSSRUWRYHUOEV (DV\WRKDQGOHDQGVWRUH \HDUOLPLWHGZDUUDQW\ 4XLFNVKLSGHOLYHU\ NOW AVAILABLE IN WHITE, BONE AND TITANIUM REQUEST AN EVALUATION SAMPLE TODAY * 888-206-1130 6DPSOLQJTXDOLÀFDWLRQVDSSO\TXDQWLWLHVOLPLWHG 24 COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / FEBRUARY 2013 WHO GOES THERE? Energy savings features of Joliet Junior College's new 42,500-sq.-ft. LEED Gold-certified Facility Services Building include the use of LED lighting in all areas of the building and motion sensors for lighting in occupied spaces. Sometimes the balancing act can get complicated. "If you do all of the 'lowhanging fruit' retrofit projects fi rst, it leaves you with some big-ticket items in the hopper," explains DeNamur. "To get the best results, schools should bundle long- and short-term payback projects together." WWW.PLANNING 4EDUCATION.COM

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