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JAN 2013

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Top Strike Top Latch Bottom Latch Bottom Strike Ductless Filtration Systems Touchless Soap Dispensers Detex Corporation — A new concealed vertical rod exit device ensures latching on closing — a significant advance that evolved with the input of facility managers and security personnel. Detex Concealed Vertical Rod panic and fire exit hardware is made for heavy-use applications, but is also designed to look good on the job. Exit Devices DuMor Inc. — New for 2013, this series of steel planters has a sleek, contemporary design. With both concave and convex bottoms, they nest together beautifully in a multitude of configurations. They are available in the new colors: Textured Grey, Textured Charcoal, and Textured Rust. New Planters Erlab — The new ChemTrap fi ltration system eliminates noxious vapors generated by chemicals stored in the fireproof cabinet. In addition, ChemTrap allows laboratories equipped with fireproof cabinets to also benefit from a protection against chemical inhalation risks without having to connect to an expensive energy consuming ductwork. Georgia-Pacific Professional — The enMotion automated touchless soap and sanitizer dispensers feature an adjustable portion control setting of 0.4 mL and 0.7 mL for cost savings through prolonged product life and reduced maintenance visits. Three product types: enMotion gentle foam soap with moisturizers, enMotion antimicrobial foam soap with moisturizers, and enMotion foam hand sanitizer with moisturizers. Fence System New Contract Metal Safe Detergent Tabletops KI — The National Joint Powers Alliance has awarded KI a new contract (#101012-KII) that covers KI's classroom furniture solutions, including its comprehensive portfolio of innovative furniture, movable wall system solutions, and Pallas Textiles. The contract allows purchasing professionals select a wide range of education furniture and fabric solutions at favorable pricing. Ameristar Fence Products — Ameristar announced the successful completion of a comprehensive testing of Impasse II fence system integrated with Senstar's FlexPS a perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS). Corrugated pales and industrial strength I-beams provide daunting features that help deter, while its bracketless design and redesigned rail allow even easier integration of Senstar's FlexPS product. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. — SparClean Metal Safe Machine Dish Detergent is a powerful warewash formula that removes food soils and grease efficiently without being corrosive to soft metals like aluminum, copper, and brass. SparClean Metal Safe Machine Dish Detergent is a non-chlorinated, low-foaming, highly concentrated detergent for use in both low- and hightemperature dish machines. Victor Stanley, Inc. — Introducing Victor Stanley's new round, Perforated Steel Tabletops; perforated tabletops offer designers a timeless, patterned surface to complement their sites. Available in round or slot perforations for 24-in., 30-in., 36-in., and 42-in. tabletops. Look for more Products and Services online at JANUARY 2013 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 71

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